5 Shocking Facts About a Woman Who Secretly Writes Love Letters to Strangers

Spreading Love and Positivity: The Story of Hannah Brencher and More Love Letters

People often do strange things that bring discomfort and pain to those around them. However, some undertake actions to stir positive emotions in those who may feel invisible or have been through struggles. This is the story of Hannah Brencher, who became the Juliet to her city by writing and hiding love letters across various locations to be found by different people.

The Power of Love Letters

Can you imagine discovering a love letter in your coat pocket, bathroom sink, subway seat, or water fountain, bringing in a small reprieve from the chaos inside your head? These letters provided a purpose for a moment by showing kindness, which is what Hannah did for people. This idea grew, and she created More Love Letters, a website that connects people who need love letters with those who write them in their communities.

Examples of Changed Lives

Briana, a single mother struggling to pay rent, is an example of how Hannah’s love letters brought relief to the people who need them. After posting Briana’s story on her website and requesting letters for her, Hannah found that the letters received didn’t fit inside the PO box. Imagine being in Briana’s shoes and feeling overwhelmed by the unexpected love and kindness.

Such letters are a physical representation of the missing connections in today’s electronic communications. They offer a tangible reminder of love that can be felt, touched, and slept with under our pillows. Hannah’s website features articles on people who were recipients of love letters. These include chemotherapy patients, PTSD sufferers, veterans, and people who feared they wouldn’t leave a mark on the world.

Getting Involved

Hannah’s work has spread joy and positivity across the world, and there are many ways we can bring joy to others. Writing letters to soldiers, thanking them for their service and showing support, would be a great starting point. Check out Hannah’s website, MoreLoveLetters.com, to get started writing your letters.

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