5 Scientific Ways to Calm Your Mind and Combat Stress Instantly

still survivable?Yes, it is.Remind yourself what’s happening right now and stay in the present moment.My feelings do not define me, nor do they control me.Every breath I take brings me closer to a calm and peaceful state.The key is to find statements that resonate with you and that you can recite quickly in times of stress.4. Challenge Yourself Staying calm and focused under pressure, regardless of the cause, is a learned skill. No one is born with this ability.It takes practice, and practice means pushing yourself to expose yourself to increasingly stressful situations.Today’s stressors, when tackled head-on, can help prepare you for tomorrow’s unexpected challenges.Instead of always avoiding stressful situations, make it a point to confront them head on. Of course, do not go beyond what you can handle. Start small and progressively challenge yourself as you become more comfortable.Example: If you struggle with public speaking, for instance, the approach is simple: start small. Try presenting your thoughts on a topic to a small group of friends or family members; then, move on to a larger group setting.This way, you get used to confronting your fears and gain confidence in your ability to handle stressful situations.In conclusion, no one can avoid stress altogether. But, with appropriate training and techniques such as those used by Air Force PJ’s, it is possible to get a handle on it. The SIT approach is an effective means of inoculating yourself against stress. It takes practice and perseverance, but with time, you’ll find yourself better equipped to handle the many stressors that life can throw your way.

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