5 Reasons Why Your Morning Puffy Eyes May Be a Sign of an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Why Do We Get Puffy Eyes: Exploring the Causes and Prevention Measures

Have you ever woken up in the morning, thinking you slept well and for an adequate amount of time, only to find puffy eyes staring back at you in the mirror? Wondering why your eyes look swollen when you didn’t cry yourself to sleep? Puffy eyes are common and usually harmless, but they can be caused by deeper reasons. Fluid retention, also known as mild oedema, is the primary cause of puffy eyes, but there are several other reasons that you might be unaware of. In this article, we will discuss four potential causes of puffy eyes and measures to prevent them.

1. Too Much Sodium Intake

As reported by Medical News Today, having too much salt in our body can cause oedema or swelling, resulting in puffy eyes. To combat this, one must drink plenty of water and limit salt intake. When we have high levels of sodium and insufficient water, our body holds onto excess fluid to prevent dehydration, which leads to puffy eyes. Unfortunately, high levels of sodium are present in many processed foods, such as bread, bacon, drinks, and microwaveable meals. The Center for Disease and Control Prevention’s research found that sodium is hugely accessible in food products such as pizza, rolls, poultry, soups, and cheese. To avoid the unfavorable consequences effectively, opt for unprocessed and low-sodium varieties of your favorite meal and avoid the chances of puffy eyes altogether.

2. Lack of Protein

Harvard Medical School states that lack of protein in our blood – a symptom of malnutrition, kidney and liver disease – is another potential reason for puffy eyes as it causes swelling in our body. According to the Kidney Fund, this is due to the low albumin, a protein in our blood. The albumin’s primary role is to eliminate excess fluids. Eating timely and healthy meals, enriched with essential nutrients, is the best prevention measure to keep a balance of protein in your body to keep it functioning optimally.

3. Bad Kidney Function

Puffiness around your eyes, particularly in the morning, can be indicative of kidney disease. Bad kidney function may cause the kidneys not to eliminate enough sodium in the blood, as stated in Medical News Today. As we previously noted, excess sodium leads to oedema, causing swelling and puffy eyes. Further, kidneys can let albumin leave the body, exacerbating extra fluid issues. You might experience some or all symptoms of chronic kidney disease, including nausea, swollen feet and ankles, feeling tired, vomiting, lack of appetite, dry and itchy skin, pain in the back, and pain while urinating. If you have any of these symptoms, accompanied by puffy eyes, visit your doctor and get tested immediately for potential kidney disease.

4. Eating Too Many Carbohydrates

The National Institute of Health conducted research, which showed that a high-carbohydrate diet results in more insulin secretion and sodium retention, leading to more water retention in our bodies. Staying away from processed food and carbohydrates helps lower the chances of getting oedema. According to The American Heart Association which recommends getting carbohydrates in as natural a form as possible, like getting carbohydrates from potatoes instead of bread. A positive and healthy diet never fails to reflect on the body, giving us control over our overall appearance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, puffy eyes can be challenging to manage. Small dietary changes can help in preventing this problem. Avoiding meals that are high in sodium, being mindful of your protein intake, avoiding excessive carbohydrates, and visiting your doctor if you experience any symptoms. Don’t ignore those little signals your body sends you, since they can be an indicator of a bigger problem. Make small changes and develop healthy habits to prevent puffy eyes from affecting your daily life.

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