5 Proven Ways to Overcome the Dreaded Monday Slump

5 Ways to Overcome the Monday Blues

Monday mornings are dreaded by many as it is the start of the working week. After a relaxing weekend, it can be a challenge to get back into the working flow. As a result, we often find ourselves feeling unmotivated and sluggish on Mondays. However, there are ways to tackle this issue and create a more positive emotion for the day. Tim over at suggests five things to help you make Mondays more bearable.

1. Schedule a Meeting or Make Special Lunch Plans on Monday Mornings

Having something to look forward to on Monday mornings can help improve your mood and motivation. Scheduling a meeting or making special lunch plans with colleagues can help break up the monotony of the day and give you something to look forward to.

2. Go to the Gym

Exercise has been proven to boost mood and energy levels. Going to the gym in the morning can help set the tone for the day and give you a burst of energy. Not only that, but exercising in the morning can also help you stick to your fitness routine.

3. Start Something on Friday that You can Finish on Monday

The third tip, “head start something on Friday so that you can finish a task quickly on Monday” is a pretty good idea. Starting a task on Friday and completing it on Monday can give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your morale. Completing a task first thing on Monday can also set the tone for a productive workweek.

4. Take the Work out of Weekends

If possible, try to avoid working on weekends. Having downtime to relax and recharge can help you come back to work on Monday feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. This also includes avoiding checking work emails or taking phone calls that can disrupt your weekend downtime.

5. Get Up Earlier Than Normal on Mondays

Getting up earlier than normal on Mondays can help you ease into the day and give you a head start. Use the additional time to plan out your day, read a book or meditate. Having a quiet and peaceful morning routine can help set the tone for the day.

In conclusion, Monday blues can be overcome with certain strategies that help set the mood for the day. Scheduling a meeting or making special lunch plans, exercising, starting something on Friday, avoiding weekend work, and getting up early can all contribute to a more productive and positive Monday. Try incorporating these strategies into your routine and make the start of your week more bearable.