5 Proven Ways to Achieve Success Without Any Special Skills

Why Being the Best at Something Isn’t Necessary for Success
Combining Mediocre Skills Can Lead to Success
Building a Fusion of Relevant Skills Can Make You Great

From a young age, we are taught that having special skills is necessary for future success. We are constantly sold the idea that, in order to prosper in life, we need to discover our strengths, work hard at them, and we will swim in an ocean of riches and happiness. However, the reality is that this approach only works if you were born the best at something. For everyone else, it can be soul-crushing.

If you don’t have any world-class skills, it’s okay. The truth is that very few successful people are actually the best at something. They are usually a mix of many different skills that matter. For example, Bill Gates is not the best programmer in the world. He is good enough at programming, but he has also developed skills in sales, vision, and accounting. Will Smith is not the world’s greatest actor or musician, but he has combined his skills with a charming personality, personal branding, and a strong work ethic.

Most successful people would have made a terrible mistake had they solely focused on the one skill they were ‘best’ at. For example, Steve Jobs might have become a used car salesman if he focused solely on his passion for design. It is the combination of different skills that often leads to success.

Even when your skills are mediocre, the astute combination of mediocrity can turn you into something invaluable. For example, if you are a decent tennis player, you could combine that skill with the ability to teach well. Later, you could create instructional videos and promote your business online. Even if you aren’t the best at making videos or online promotion, you could still build a thriving online business doing what you love. All of your individual skills might not be outstanding, but when combined, they are unique.

This approach works for any profession. An average businessperson who learns a bit of law, programming, design, or public speaking can assert a monumental advantage over their peers. What makes someone a truly great businessperson is often their fusion of relevant skills, such as psychology and self-discipline.

Individual skills are common, but combinations are rare. If you want to raise your value, take a step back from your strengths, and consider building a broader combination of them. Don’t try to be the best at one thing; instead, focus on building a unique combination of skills that can set you apart. That is what leads to true success.

In conclusion, the idea that you need to be the best at something to succeed is a myth. Successful people are usually a mix of different skills, and it is the combination of those skills that often leads to success. Don’t be discouraged if your skills are not world-class. Instead, focus on combining them in unique and valuable ways. Whether you are building a business or pursuing any other career, having a fusion of relevant skills can be the key to success.

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