5 Proven Tips to Craft an Impressive Resume with a Unique Perspective

How to Create an Outstanding Resume: Think Outside the Box

The task of submitting a resume may feel like an audition where you have no idea about the competition, and it is up to you to stand out to secure the job. In today’s competitive job market, employers receive a slew of resumes that all look similar. Therefore, it is vital to create a resume that stands out from the rest. The objective of creating a resume is to get it noticed and not let your dream job slip away. Here are some new approaches to writing an outstanding resume.

Breaking the Rules

It is natural to feel constrained by the rules of resume writing that you have heard from others. But it would help if you made decisions based on what will sell yourself the best and not on arbitrary rules that you’re expected to conform to. Breaking the standard set of “rules” can be the ticket to getting your resume noticed. Experiment with different things, such as writing it on something other than paper and using multi-media.

Incorporate Different Elements of Your Personality

The best way to make your resume stand out from the rest is to incorporate elements of your personality and let who you are shine through. Use your talents and strengths, such as creating a graphic design or an infographic, to make it unique and distinct. The objective of incorporating your personality and strengths is to make your resume pop and be uniquely yours.

Try an Infographic Timeline

Using an infographic timeline approach can showcase your growth and progress through the years and convince the employer that you have a solid growth pattern and potential. You can use graphics, pictures, text, and numbers to showcase your story to the employer. It helps to make your resume stand out visually and can be impressive if designed correctly.

Make a Video

Creating a short video presentation can be an exceptional approach to showcase your individuality and personality to the potential employer. It is a great opportunity to show your creativity, humor, and editing skills. Focus on your experience and skill set that might be especially relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Show Your Love for the Company

One thing that will entice your employer the most is your appreciation and passion for their company or business. It demonstrates how much you want the job and showcases your strong dedication you put into the job application. A clever way to demonstrate your appreciation is to creatively incorporate the company’s service/goods into your resume.


No matter what you submit, remember that a resume is your opportunity to demonstrate why you would be an excellent addition to the company. Have fun, break some rules, and take advantage of your creativity to land the job you want. By thinking outside the box, you can create an outstanding resume that makes you stand out from the rest.

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