5 Proven Tactics to Boost Your Weekly Check-In for Maximum Development.

Weekly Organizational Session: The Key to Productivity and Growth

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about the bigger picture. Most of us have explored our daily routines to some extent, but not many explore beyond day-to-day planning. By additionally reviewing our lives from a weekly perspective, we can allow a greater level of experience to thrive in the ways most meaningful to us.

Opening up to this weekly review of your whole being naturally allows greater levels of flow. Creating a space to prioritize your actions in alignment with your goals helps you to continuously develop yourself more quickly. Having a structure you can trust to process all of the details allows a natural ease of anxiety and therefore more presence in your daily being. Taking this time out allows you to see opportunities that you may have otherwise not been aware of.

The secret lies in your daily routine, as John Maxwell said. However, he also emphasized the importance of prioritizing weekly organizational sessions as they are the foundation of your organization and overall, the most valuable thing you can do for yourself. It’s the one thing that you always do because you want to. It’s your most treasured part of the week.

Creating a weekly retreat gives yourself a delightful space to reconnect, review, and readjust, where necessary. It is a big picture look in which you set up the blueprint for your week. This frees you up so that you can relax into it and trust that you have already implemented the wishes of your highest self. Everything works more beautifully as you get better at being more aware of what you want while setting up your time.

Here are some key things to remember during your Organization Session:

Implement life into your schedule. Schedule everything in pencil to leave opportunity to move things around as you get closer to each day. First start with scheduling the things that are already scheduled or hard to move, such as work, appointments, practices, studying, etc. Be open to the optimal place for each thing. When you consciously choose where to put things, you can align several things together by location, type, or preference. Next add things that you most want to accomplish and move you toward your goals. Continue with adding time for your most important and treasured relationships, including a spiritual one (if desired), and time for you to do what you want.

Go through your inboxes. Connect with everything that is going on. Make sure things are moving forward. Is there anything that you can simply let go of? Spend some time checking in on different areas and see which rise as needing attention this week. Implement their associated tasks into your schedule to keep them moving forward.

Be open. Not everything goes as planned. However, having a template allows the smaller things to flow around the more important items while creating a consistent movement forward. Go with the flow and do what feels most right to you, don’t be too stuck on your schedule. Stay aware of what works and what doesn’t. Find pockets of time in which you can use in different ways. Learn your preference on the load of things you allow in your life.

Integrate change. Apply change where you see opportunities. Refine your development as you become aware. Keeping this weekly appointment facilitates a gentle awareness and space to continually develop on what you learn.

Have fun. Enjoy the journey of it all.

We all have a lot going on. Time and creation are getting faster and faster. We have to be more selective about what makes it into our lives or we may just let it pass by without much realization of it. Ensure your fun, growth, and clarity. Make the things that matter most to you a top priority. Treat yourself to a weekly check-in. Keep refreshing on these tips and others out there, find what works best and enjoy the development of it.

In conclusion, a weekly organizational session is the key to productivity and growth. Taking time out to reflect and plan helps you to prioritize your actions in alignment with your goals, allows you to see opportunities that you may have otherwise not been aware of, and facilitates a greater level of flow and ease in your daily being. Remember to implement life into your schedule, go through your inboxes, be open, integrate change, and have fun. Treat yourself to a weekly check-in and keep refining and developing what works best for you.

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