5 Proven Strategies to Handle Negative People and Stay Positive

Negative people are everywhere, and unfortunately, they can ruin our best days with their pessimism, complaints, and manipulative behaviour. It is almost impossible to avoid these kinds of people, but we can learn to manage them effectively to avoid being dragged down by their negativity.

Daisa Catalina has developed a system for dealing with negative people, which includes five steps that have been tested and work whenever applied. These steps are:

1. Avoid Confrontations When Emotions Are Intense

Whenever we are faced with intense emotions, it is advisable to avoid confrontations. This will enable us to calm down and think rationally before we engage in a discussion or conflict resolution. One effective way of venting out our emotions is through journaling or taking a walk through the park. These activities help us to acknowledge our feelings, release negative energy, and direct our focus towards problem-solving.

2. Stay Aware

When faced with strong emotions from others, avoid reacting impulsively. Instead, stay aware and acknowledge your emotions. This helps you to react from an empowered state and look at the situation objectively. Keeping the focus on your body and breath can help you stay aware of your emotions.

3. Acknowledge the Other Person’s Feelings

One way of disarming negative people is by agreeing with them. This is helpful in situations where someone is using you as an outlet to vent their frustration or negativity. You can agree with their feelings without necessarily agreeing with their opinions. This reduces the intensity of their emotions and enables you to find a common ground.

4. Discover the Other Person’s Good Intention

Everyone enters a conflict with a good intention for themselves. It is essential to look beneath the surface to understand what the positive intention of the other person is. This requires a level of empathy and understanding towards others. By discovering the other person’s good intention, you can act in an empowered and kind manner.

5. Let Go of Being Right

To solve a conflict effectively, it’s essential to find a common ground and solutions that work for both parties. Holding on to the need to be right can hinder progress and escalate conflicts. It is advisable to let go of the need to be right and focus on finding solutions that work for everyone involved.

Managing negative people may not be easy, but it is possible. By applying these five steps, we are guaranteed to deal with negative people effectively and avoid being dragged down by their negativity. Remember, we have the power to choose how we react to negative people and situations, and this power can make all the difference.

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