“5 Powerful Eye Gestures to Gain Others’ Trust Effortlessly”

The Power of Eye Communication in Human Interaction: Understanding Different Eye Signals
Humans Are Unique in Showing the Whites of Their Eyes
Ways to Effectively Use Eye Signals to Convey Trust and Likeability
Contracted versus Dilated Pupils: How Mood Affects Eye Signals
The “Eyebrow Flash”: A Friendly Gesture to Signal Interest
The Importance of Keeping Your Eyes Open and Avoiding Frowning
Low versus High Eyebrows: Signaling Authority and Submission
The “Power Stare”: Establishing Dominance with Your Gaze
Lowered Head and Uplifted Eyes: Signaling Submissiveness
The Blink Rate: How It Can Affect Communication
Holding Eye Contact: Establishing Rapport and Building Trust
Avoiding Dark-Tinted Glasses in Human Interaction

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