“5 Powerful Beliefs for Aspiring Authors to Achieve Success”

5 Key Beliefs Every Author should have to Take their Writing from Idea to Publication

Writing a book is a dream many people share. However, few make it to publication. While each author’s writing process is different, some critical beliefs can help turn that dream into a reality. These beliefs create a mentality that will push an author to become unstoppable. In this article, we will discuss the top five key beliefs every author should have to take their writing from an idea to publication.

1. Believe in your writing skills and constantly work to develop them

The first and most crucial step in becoming a successful author is to believe in your writing skills. If you do not believe in yourself, it becomes challenging to convince anyone else to believe in your work. Remember, it’s your book, and you want it to be great. Therefore, trust your instincts, no matter what anyone else says.

The second part of the first belief is to continually work to expand your writing skills. This means taking online classes, attending workshops, and writing as often as you can. The journey to becoming a formidable writer never ends; you must always strive to learn something new.

2. Believe you can read like a writer

Reading like a writer is a skill every author should acquire. One of the best ways to take your writing to the next level is to read books in your genre by authors who have mastered the craft. As you read, break down a scene, a moment, or a descriptive passage. Study the author’s technique. What emotions did the passage make you feel? How did the scene end and begin? What were the high and low points? How did they show, rather than tell?

Studying great writing allows you to incorporate the lessons into your own work. To become a great writer, one must first read, learn, and imitate what the great writers do.

3. Believe that great things take time and that quality will always trump quantity

Becoming a successful writer takes time and a lot of hard work. No author has become an overnight success, so do not expect to be one either. It is essential to give your writing the time it deserves. You must be patient and put the work in to make it the best it can be.

Quality will always triumph over quantity. Therefore, be willing to invest time and effort in every aspect of your writing, including revisions and edits. Ensure that your book meets the highest standards possible and is the best it can be before heading off to publish.

4. Believe there is always room for improvement

When it comes to writing, there is always room for improvement. Therefore, you must be open to feedback from your editors, professors, proofreaders, and friends on how to improve your writing. Take criticism positively and work on the areas that need improvement. It is crucial to have a thick skin and separate yourself from your writing. Remember, the people giving you feedback are doing you a favor!

Take the time to revise and edit your work. This will improve the quality of the book and the overall reading experience of your audience. Do not rush the process; take the time it deserves to make your book the best version of itself.

5. Believe your instincts

You must trust your intuition when it comes to writing. Everyone will have an opinion about your character, plot, scene structure and so on. However, it is up to you to determine what input you want to incorporate and ignore the rest. Remember, it is your book, and you want it to be great.

Listen to your instincts on where and how you want your story to go, and that will trump everything else. This does not mean that you should ignore feedback from others, but you must discern what feedback will improve your story and what feedback will not.


Becoming a great writer takes hard work and dedication. The journey to publication is not an easy one, but if you follow these five key beliefs, you can turn your writing dream into a reality. Believe in your writing skills, read like a writer, understand that quality triumphs over quantity, be open to improvement, and trust your instincts. By adopting these beliefs, you can become an unstoppable author, take your work to the next level, and publish a book that you can be proud of.

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