5 Marketing Secrets I Learned from Jennifer Lawrence

Marketing Lessons Learned from Jennifer Lawrence

As a marketer, it’s important to look beyond business and marketing circles for inspiration. Celebrities and the entertainment industry can provide excellent ideas for dos and don’ts in marketing. Jennifer Lawrence is a prime example of a powerful actress who has become a marketing powerhouse. Here are eight marketing lessons to learn from Jennifer Lawrence:

1. There is No Such Thing as an Overnight Success

Jennifer Lawrence didn’t appear on the scene out of nowhere. She had been working steadily since 2006 in TV and film roles. Before being cast in Winter’s Bone, she appeared in episodes of Monk, Cold Case, and Medium, and appeared in several independent films. The same goes for marketing initiatives – there is no such thing as an overnight success. Hard work and hustle are required to achieve success, and it may take years to get there.

2. Consistency is Key

Jennifer Lawrence consistently delivers outstanding performances in her acting roles. She also takes on a wide variety of roles, working continually since 2011, which keeps her top of mind among both audiences and producers. Consistency is essential for any marketing initiative. Your audience needs to know that you will show up consistently and that you will exceed their expectations every time.

3. You Don’t Always Have to Be the Lead Actress

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t always choose to be the superstar in the movies she stars in, excelling in ensemble casts. Similarly, working in a team and finding the right support can give your marketing more significant impact. Look at how you can team up with other companies or individuals to make your performance stronger.

4. Carve Out Your Own Niche

Jennifer Lawrence has created her own niche in Hollywood. Her star power and talent are so strong that she lands tailor-made roles that no other actress can. Creating your niche is an effective way to set yourself apart in your industry and in your marketing.

5. Stay Classy

Jennifer Lawrence understands that she’s in the public eye, and unfortunately, she will be judged by her actions. By keeping it classy and staying out of partying or bashing the competition, she shows that she is reliable and worthy of the accolades she receives. Keeping your marketing classy and avoiding unprofessionalism or questionable practices is critical to maintaining your brand and reputation.

6. Be Authentic and Accessible

Jennifer Lawrence’s appeal proves that being yourself is enough. Her persona is that of someone everyone wants to be around, seemingly accessible to all. Many stars win the public over with mystery, but Jennifer does it by simply being who she is. Incorporating your organization’s authenticity into your marketing can make it more human, and when customers feel an organization is accessible, they are more likely to continue doing business with you.

7. Know When to Step Back

Jennifer Lawrence understands PR is best done when you have something to say. Unlike many of her contemporaries who are out there posing hard on every red carpet they can find, Lawrence only goes for PR when it is appropriate. Focusing on doing PR when you have your best news or stories to share means your efforts will be much more effective. People will want to hear what you have to say.

8. Tackle Sticky Situations Head On

Jennifer Lawrence dealt with the recent nude photo scandal with swift actions, issuing a comment via Twitter. Having a solid crisis plan and team in place to deal with sticky situations head-on is crucial to avoid rumors and speculation.

In conclusion, Jennifer Lawrence delivers many marketing lessons that we can all learn from. By being consistent, authentic, and carving out your own niche, you can set yourself apart in your industry and in your marketing. It’s equally essential to maintain your brand and reputation by staying classy and knowing when to step back from PR. Tackling sticky situations head-on will ensure that your audience is informed by reliable information.