5 Ingenious Ways to Utilize Moleskine Social Network for Maximum Efficiency

Why You Should Keep a Moleskine Notebook for Networking and Learning

In a world full of digital devices and apps that can organize our lives, there’s something special about the trusty old notebook that still elicits a strong following. The Moleskine notebook, in particular, has become somewhat of an object of obsession for many people – creatives, writers, and entrepreneurs alike. But how can this notebook be used beyond just jotting down ideas and to-do lists? Enter Sacha Chua and her clever use of the Moleskine for networking and learning.

Who is Sacha Chua?

Sacha Chua is a Canadian consultant, engineer, and entrepreneur. She’s also a prolific blogger, having started her website in 2001. On her website, she shares her thoughts on various topics such as productivity, entrepreneurship, and technology. She’s also a published author, having written a book entitled “The Emacs Org Mode Guide.” Suffice to say, she’s a busy person, always on the move and always learning.

Why Use a Moleskine Notebook for Networking?

Sacha Chua uses her Moleskine notebook to keep track of people and conversations she encounters during a given day. Specifically, she writes “minutes” of conversations, takes notes on the person she’s talking to, and any action items that they discuss. She does this so that she can get back in touch with the person if needed and continue the conversation, or introduce them to someone else who would benefit from meeting them.

But why use a physical notebook when there are countless apps and digital tools out there for keeping track of contacts and conversations? Here are a few reasons why Sacha, and others like her, still prefer a good old-fashioned notebook:

1. It’s tactile: Writing down notes on paper can be more satisfying and memorable than typing on a screen. There’s something about the physical act of writing that engages our brains in a different way.

2. It’s always accessible: Unlike digital tools that require Wi-Fi, battery life, or fumbling through various apps, a notebook is always there, ready to capture the moment.

3. It’s customizable: You can organize your notebook however you see fit – use different colored highlighters, stickers, or symbols to categorize and prioritize different notes.

How to Use a Moleskine Notebook for Networking

If you’re interested in using a Moleskine notebook for networking, Sacha Chua has a comprehensive guide on her website that outlines her method in detail. Here’s a brief summary:

1. Choose a notebook: Sacha recommends using either a pocket or large-sized Moleskine notebook, depending on your preference.

2. Develop a note-taking shorthand: Create symbols or abbreviations that you can use to quickly jot down important information during a conversation.

3. Capture contact information: Write down the person’s name, phone number, email address, and any other relevant information.

4. Take notes on the conversation: Write down any interesting ideas, insights, or action items that emerge during the conversation.

5. Follow up: Use the contact information to get back in touch with the person and continue the conversation, or introduce them to someone else who would benefit from meeting them.


In a world where our attention spans are increasingly shortened by the constant notifications and distractions of our digital devices, there’s something refreshing about taking a step back and writing things down in a notebook. Sacha Chua’s use of the Moleskine notebook for networking and learning is just one example of how this simple tool can be used in creative ways. So, the next time you have an important conversation, consider putting down your phone and reaching for a notebook instead. Who knows what insights and connections you might uncover?

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