“5 Game-Changing Startups for Easy Home and PG Rentals in India”

Simplifying the Process of Finding a Perfect Rental Home: Top 5 Startups to Check Out

Finding a perfect living space can be a daunting task, especially if you are relocating to a new city. The process can be overwhelming and stressful, with considerations such as searching for home rentals, monthly rent, security, locality, broker’s fee, and shifting process. In addition, access to local markets and shops for fulfilling daily needs is also important. However, the good news is that business startups have emerged, offering a simple and reliable solution for home rental arrangements. These startups have introduced the best availabilities of home, PG (paying guest), and flat for rent through digital platforms such as mobile applications, websites, and social media posts, thereby solving all the troubles of getting a perfect rental home. This article will provide an overview of the top 5 startups that can help you find a good living space without a broker’s consultancy.

1. Zocalo.in

Zocalo.in is an online platform that provides rental spaces for shared and rental apartments, PGs & hostels. With a specific focus on offering a hassle-free process to users, Zocalo.in has designed a simple guide that enables users to choose preferred locations, room type, amenities, and budget, which avoids high brokerage fees and provides direct linking for seekers to accommodation holders. Users can review photos and information of locations, community members, and neighborhoods. With the rental agreements and lists, Zocalo has ensured the reliability on both the ends. For those who are looking for roommates in shared apartments, they can also check out the preferences on the website or app. Zocalo.in services are available in various zones of Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai.

2. Roomler.in

Roomler.in is one of the most reliable PG, apartment, flat, and hostel rental startups in India, addressing the frustrating aspects of space and cost challenges for youngsters, college students, bachelors, and girls. Roomler.in has designed a system algorithm of broker-free ownership to connect the accommodation finders directly to the providers. The company verifies each listing and its content, including location, neighborhood, and rent, to avoid any chances of misleading information. Joining Roomler.in, you will get a broker-free solution for your preferred site. Following an easy process of “Search-Contact-Stay,” students can locate a nearby college, institute, or coaching/training center. Depending upon the budget, students can opt for choices of living with one or two or more roommates. With each listing, seekers can also browse according to the provided facilities like refrigerator, Wi-Fi, 24/7 security, parking place, filtered water, power backup, geyser, and food.

3. NestAway

NestAway is considered as the best “Accommodation Rental Network,” with a focus on offering reliable opportunities for your rental searches. With the aim of becoming India’s topmost social infrastructure, NestAway prefers to cater to various needs and comfort levels of their valuable customers. The company has helped more than 6,000 providers and 20,900 customers respectively until now, reliability being the key aspect. NestAway offers a complete package of home rentals. With just a few clicks on the website, you can get selections for choosing rental places as per your budget. Users can also download the mobile app to check out the superlative accommodation with all essential needs of home setup in popular cities of the country. The company also provides “rooms with offers” at the preferred sites. Click on the options, search by filtering budget, location, home or PG type, and amenities of your living place and get a cozy nest right away!

4. Nobroker.in

Nobroker.in has planned and explored options for both owners and seekers, with no chance of brokers at all. This online real estate platform provides symmetric information between seekers and owners so that both can get fair deals. Within a few years, the company has made a huge difference with the linkage of more than 400,000 customers and 30,000 listings every month. Here, you can also check out the traveling time from your workplace or college. From searching requirements to budget limits, luxuries to comforts, and direct links to rental agreement registration, you will receive appreciable assistance for all. The amazing deals offered by the company can bring enjoyment and pleasure into your life. No Broker Homes are searchable in different options like properties to buy, PG/Hostel, or flat on rent on the website and mobile app. Their ‘No Broker App’ features crowdsourcing property listings where one can search properties by location. The additional feature of “Click n Earn” offers rewards to owners who upload a picture of the exterior of their rental place on the website.

5. Zenify

Zenify has become one of the leading online verified marketplaces and offer one-on-one broker-free dealing with the clients and customers in the garden city, Bangalore, established in 2012. The company strives to connect the rental needs of people as per their requirement and budget. The analytics-driven pricing, documentation process, best quotes, and timely maintenance provided by Zenify is a complete hassle-free experience for users. The company’s motto is “The Right Rent, The Right Tenant, The Right Care.” The property listings available on the website compile all the essential information about living places, facilities, budget, and location.


Say goodbye to brokers and troubles and check out a new experience of home or rental hunting. With these startups, you can browse through the websites or download the mobile apps to achieve the best possible results of home, PG, and flat rentals. These startups offer a simple and reliable solution to finding a perfect living space without the inconvenience of brokerage fees, misinformation, or time-consuming paperwork. They provide a hassle-free experience while catering to your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Choose the startup that caters to your requirement and get a step closer to the perfect rental living space.

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