“5 Eye-Opening Reasons Why Boarding School Might Be Your Best Choice”

Boarding School Education: The Benefits Beyond Academics

Boarding schools offer a plethora of advantages that can impact a student’s life positively. However, parents often find it challenging to choose between boarding and day schools for their children. While a boarding school may come with a higher price tag, parents should consider the bigger picture. Many successful leaders and notable personalities are private school alumni, and boarding schools have contributed to their success. In this piece, we explore the benefits of a boarding school education that transcends conventional academics.

1. Discover Independence and Manage Priorities

Boarding schools provide a perfect environment where students learn to become independent and prioritize their responsibilities. In day schools, parents play a critical role in micro-managing their children’s lives. Boarding schools offer an antidote to that by empowering students to be self-sufficient. They take care of every aspect of their lives, from waking up in the morning to scheduling their study sessions. The learning extends beyond academics, as students learn essential life skills, such as time management and goal setting.

Boarding schools provide an ideal setting for students to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds. They learn to live, work, and play with people from other cultures and nationalities. Such interactions provide valuable lessons in social skills and leadership and equip students with the vital interpersonal abilities necessary to succeed in the global marketplace.

2. Become Immersed in Learning Without Distraction

The residential campus of a boarding school promotes an environment where students can immerse themselves in an educational world without outside distractions. This setting promotes camaraderie, honesty, development, and trust between students and teachers. This immersive environment eliminates the problems associated with day schools, such as commuting long distances. Studies show that students in day schools struggle to make the most of their education due to the lack of support they receive at home. Boarding schools provide 24-hour support and guidance from experienced teachers.

The intimate class sizes in boarding schools foster a deep connection between teachers and students. Teachers have more time to invest in individual students, providing encouragement and engagement throughout all classes. Additionally, boarding schools offer better facilities and resources than day schools. With expansive grounds that feature well-stocked sports fields, science laboratories, and libraries, students can access resources outside class hours for extracurricular activities.

3. Access Improved Resources

The resources that boarding schools offer to their students are incomparable to those provided by day schools. Smaller class sizes equate to more personal attention from teachers, which drives better academic results. For example, a survey conducted by the Association of Boarding Schools found that 54% of students at boarding schools were satisfied with their education, compared to only 40% of those from public schools.

The teaching staff at boarding schools have specialized training that prepares them to manage student needs better. Facilities and resources are typically extensive and well-maintained, helping students achieve academic excellence in a positive environment. With fully stocked libraries, computer labs, and science laboratories, students have access to the latest technologies that equip them for a future career.

4. Prepare for a College Education

Many students that attend boarding school feel more prepared to take on the challenges of college academics than their counterparts who attend day school. The emphasis on independence, responsibility, and resilience equips students with the practical and emotional tools required to handle college life. In one survey, 87% of boarding school students said they were prepared to take on the challenges of college, while only 39% of public school students said the same.

Boarding schools prepare students for life beyond academics as well. Students are better equipped to handle everyday challenges such as exercising independence, managing time, and handling social demands. These are essential skills that help students transition smoothly from academics to work life. For instance, boarding school alumni with a TABS study achieved advanced degrees like PhDs and master’s degrees at a higher rate than public school graduates.

5. The Potential to Achieve More

The benefits of a boarding school education stretch beyond academics and into personal and professional growth. Studies have found that boarding school alumni are more likely to attend graduate school and achieve advanced degrees like PhDs and Master’s degrees. Additionally, boarding school graduates are more likely to land top positions in their careers. These benefits extend beyond just academia and into the students’ social lives.

Boarding school alumni report high levels of satisfaction with their educational experiences, with as many as 90% saying that they would be happy to repeat the experience. The lifelong advantages enjoyed by boarding school alumni speak volumes about the benefits of a boarding school education that extends beyond the classroom.


A boarding school education offers students an excellent opportunity to learn essential life and leadership skills that go beyond academics. Students learn to become independent, manage their time, and interact with people from diverse backgrounds, equipping them to succeed in a global marketplace. Additionally, boarding schools offer better resources and facilities than day schools, which drive better academic results. Ultimately, a boarding school education offers tremendous value for parents looking to prepare their children for success in life.

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