“5 Essential Employee Types Every Startup Should Look For”

The Importance of Having the Right Employees for Your Startup Company

The success of any startup company is based on their creativity, their direction, and the strategies that they can apply to consolidate in the market. Nevertheless, there are some very important aspects for the growth and success of businesses or emerging startups: the employees. For this reason, and many others we must know and understand the fact that there are several kinds of employees in the market, and here is a list of five of them, you should have in your company in order to achieve as much success as possible.

1. The Challenger

Having employees that fully support the decisions of the high ranks is a benefit for the harmony of the company. Still, a certain amount of defiance or contradiction is always needed to improve the decision-making process in a startup company.

In this matter, comes the challenger. This type of employee who oversees talking and challenging the state and direction in which the startup company is or is going. These persons show personality and own thinking that will touch you, and of which will bring a lot of advantage and support for your new business. We all need to work in the reality and our own employees can help us to stay in it.

2. The Optimist

Every startup company or business will have bad experiences and failures, for which they need a person who fights until the end and never lets go. We are talking about the optimist, a person that always finds a silver lining in the worst situations.

In many occasions the problems will generate a negative impact on the employee’s morale, that can lead to low levels in productivity. The optimist will take care of keeping afloat its work companions making them look at the good things, his main function is to encourage teammates so the company has a positive attitude.

3. The Multitasker

The owners of startup companies need a team that is capable to fulfill different roles in the company. A multitask employee will allow a business to reach goals, to deal with plenty of situations of different kinds and to make the rest of the staff believe that it is actually a very competitive place to work. The multi-functional employee takes care of this, he or she can help in what is needed right now and is a necessary requirement for every emerging startup. This type of employee is ideal to lead teams at work and to have delegated functions in the office.

4. The Seeker of Knowledge

There are employees who feel a great passion for their job and are always desiring to learn more each day. The seeker of knowledge is never satisfied, takes extra courses and studies major degrees. They are natural lifelong learners, motivated by a combination of curiosity and a deep desire for personal and professional growth.

This attitude is beneficial for your startup company and can be contagious. Besides, this kind of employee is usually on top of every technological advance and tendencies, so they keep their coworkers up to date and can even motivate all employees to have this kind of passion.

5. The Mentor

In many occasions, we hire staff without a lot of experience and this can hurt and increase the cost of running our business, if we don’t have a developing program or prepare the staff. In this moment, the mentor shines, and becomes a business saver. This character takes care of transmitting all his learned knowledge to the new employees of your startup company.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Employees

The success of your startup company heavily relies on the quality of your employees. Therefore, it is crucial to have the right kind of employees, who possess the skills, knowledge, and attitude needed to achieve the company’s visions, mission, and goals.

Five types of employees have been identified as crucial for startups. The list includes the challenger, the optimist, the multitasker, the seeker of knowledge, and the mentor. Each plays an essential role in ensuring the growth and success of a startup.

The challenger, for instance, provides a different perspective that can improve the decision-making process. They challenge the status quo, leading to greater creativity and innovation within the organization. The optimist, on the other hand, helps to keep the morale of the team high, even when the company is facing challenges.

The multitasker can handle different roles, leading to greater efficiency in the organization. The seeker of knowledge is essential in keeping the company’s workforce up to date with the latest technological advances and trends. They are also instrumental in driving innovation within the organization.

Lastly, the mentor is crucial in preparing new employees for their roles within the organization. They pass on their knowledge and experience, helping in the development process of employees, and ensuring the organization has a healthy talent pipeline.


In conclusion, the success of any startup company is directly tied to the quality of its employees. It is therefore important to take the time to hire the right kind of people, who share the company’s vision, mission, and goals. The five types of employees identified as being essential for startups are the challenger, the optimist, the multitasker, the seeker of knowledge, and the mentor. By having these types of employees in your organization, you will be better positioned to achieve your long-term goals and objectives.

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