“5 Essential Desk Items to Boost Your Productivity”

The Impact of Desk Objects on Productivity: Simple Hacks to Boost Your Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced world, productivity is a buzzword that is often discussed. People try various hacks to optimize their productivity, be it setting up a particular type of environment, maintaining a certain mindset, or avoiding distractions. However, have you ever considered the impact the objects on your desk can have on your productivity? In this article, we will delve into the impact of the objects on your desk on your productivity and some simple hacks to boost your efficiency.

Containers Filled with Pens or Other Writing Utensils for Productivity

One simple way to increase productivity is by having multiple containers filled with pens, markers, pencils, and other utensils. Although it only takes one pen to get the job done, having a variety of writing utensils allows you to choose the best one for the project you’re working on. For instance, if you want to write, you can go for a ballpoint pen, while a pencil works best for drawing or doodling. Also, having a cup full of sharpies can be useful when you want to color inside the lines.

But why does this increase productivity? The honest truth is that we don’t know. Perhaps it’s a psychological factor or simply the fact that the pens in those containers stare at us until we complete our job. Regardless, having multiple pens and markers on your desk can help increase your productivity.

Sticky Notes for Reminders and Inspiration

Another excellent hack is using sticky notes to stay productive. Stick notes have helped many people stay on track and be productive. Having sticky notes with life questions in plain view can be an excellent way to remind you of your goals and motivations. Similarly, having a pad of sticky notes handy is useful to jot down notes or ideas that you want to remember.

Again, we don’t know precisely why sticky notes increase productivity. But if you want to optimize your productivity, you’ll start doing whatever it takes to get those juices flowing.

Pictures of Loved Ones and Favorite Places for Motivation

The people closest to us often motivate us to succeed, serving as reminders of why we are on our journey. Therefore, placing pictures of your loved ones, friends, pets, or favorite places can be an excellent way to motivate yourself and increase productivity.

Having those pictures in a place where you can see them constantly can be beneficial and help you kick into high-gear when you feel like you’re not being productive.

Nothing (to Help You Focus)

Contrary to the previous hacks, clearing off your desk and working in simple terms can also help increase productivity. Minimalism is an excellent way to clear your head and focus on what’s in front of you. Sometimes, this simple act is all you need to boost productivity levels. However, distractions can take many forms, including thoughts, and this method may not be effective for everyone.


In conclusion, the objects on your desk can have an impact on your productivity. Implementing the hacks discussed in this article, such as having multiple pens and markers, sticky notes for reminders, pictures of loved ones, and working in minimalist spaces, can help boost your productivity. These simple hacks may not work for everyone, but they’re worth trying.

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