5 Easy and Effective Techniques to Bring Sunshine to a Gloomy Day

5 Ways to Brighten a Cloudy Day

When I was a small child, I’d curl up on my parents’ bed after the sunshine had warmed their dark brown comforter. It was an oasis of peace and safety that I struggled to find in later years. I’d made the mistake of thinking that being an adult meant no longer delighting in “silly” things like a sun-warmed blanket. I was entirely wrong.

Each day includes moments that can be deeply enjoyed or carelessly tossed aside. As I learned to identify and enjoy those moments amid the hubbub of regular life, I found more smiles and sunshine than I’d ever thought possible. Try one of the following for best results!

Take 15 – Shut your phone off, close the blinds, rest your eyes and listen to some music. If you like action more than meditation, so be it! Use your 15 minutes in a way that will leave you feeling most revitalized. That’s where the sunshine comes from.

Go for a stroll – The kind of meandering walk that is more about discovering the path than reaching a destination. If I don’t have a camera or pad handy, I like to make a mental list of a few things I discover on every stroll I take. A design element I particularly appreciate, a rabbit hopping down an alley, or a woman singing on her porch; all contribute to my perspective and appreciation of the world around me.

Do something nice for a complete stranger – Buy a coffee, pay a toll, give a smile and a “thank you” when none is required. Giving when neither is required will open you up to a world of kindness. It also feels very, very good.

Laugh from your stomach – You know the kind of laugh that shakes your entire body and ends in a half-moan because you’re not sure if you can stop laughing? That kind of laugh. A moment spent in full enjoyment of humor is a great way to release tension and refuel your smile.

Try something not included in your normal diet – Most of us eat from a very short list of foods. Eating something entirely different will do more than expand your palate. It will help keep your sense of adventure alive!

Sometimes I still like to enjoy a bright patch of sun-soaked carpet just like I did with that blanket as a child. But let’s not talk too loudly about that. =)

In conclusion, life is full of opportunities to find sunshine even on the cloudiest of days. By taking a few moments to indulge in activities that bring us joy, we can brighten our days and improve our overall well-being. So, the next time you find yourself feeling down or surrounded by gray skies, remember these five ways to brighten a cloudy day. Take 15, go for a stroll, do something nice for a stranger, laugh from your stomach, and try something new. Embrace the small moments and find the sunshine in your life. You deserve it!

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