5 Delicious Meals That Boost Your White Blood Cells Naturally

How Food Can Boost Your Immune System: Increase Your White Blood Cell Count

Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential to living a healthy and fulfilling life. A strong immune system helps you fight off colds, flu, viruses, and even cancer. While there are many things you can do to enhance your immune system’s functioning, one of the most important is eating right. Feeding your body with the right foods can help your immune system stay strong and effectively fight off infections. In this article, we’ll explore some foods that can help increase your white blood cell count, which is critical for maintaining a healthy immune system.

What is White Blood Cell Count?

White blood cells are the body’s defense mechanism against diseases and infections. They work closely with the immune system to fight off infections. When the white blood cell count is healthy, i.e., between 5,000-10,000 cells per microliter of blood, the body has a robust defense against infections. However, when the count drops below 3,500, it indicates a condition called neutropenia. Increasing the white blood cell count is vital to boost the immune system, and the right foods can play a significant role in achieving that.

Vitamin C: An Essential Immune Booster

Vitamin C is essential for your immune system and one of the most vital nutrients to include in your diet. Foods rich in vitamin C include green and red peppers, chili, and broccoli. Broccoli not only has vitamin C, but it also contains vitamins A and E along with many antioxidants that can help increase white blood cells.

Zinc: The Immune System Enhancer

Zinc is a well-known immune system booster and is essential for the production of white blood cells. According to studies, a zinc deficiency can increase your risk of infections. Foods rich in zinc include oysters, beef, spinach, and wheat germ.

Folic Acid: The White Blood Cell Producer

Folic acid is essential for producing white blood cells. Foods rich in folic acid include beans, spinach, and citrus fruits.

Selenium: Build Up Your White Blood Cells

Selenium can build up your white blood cells and is present in cod, beef, salmon, tuna, and chicken. Brazil nuts and Pinto beans are also rich in selenium.

Beta Carotene: The Immune System Protector

Beta Carotene strengthens the immune system by protecting the thymus gland, which is responsible for producing white blood cells. Foods containing beta carotene include pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, and dark-green leafy vegetables.

Garlic: A Unique Immune Booster

Garlic is in a class of its own when it comes to fighting infections due to its immune-boosting properties. Garlic contains high concentrations of sulfer-containing compounds like allicin, which provide effective immune-boosting benefits.

Turmeric: An Anti-Inflammatory Spice

Turmeric is a popular spice used in curry that has anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin, a compound found in turmeric, has shown to reduce inflammation and fever.

Kale: Increase Your White Blood Cell Count

Kale is a superfood that contains all the vitamin A you need in a cup. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that can help the body fight against cancer cells. Kale aids in the formation of white blood cells and assists antibodies in responding to invasive infections.

Yogurt: Strengthen White Blood Cells

Yogurt helps increase white blood cells by enhancing the body’s production of antibodies and strengthening white blood cells.

Tasty Meals to Increase White Blood Cells

Mixed Green Salad with Oranges, Dried Cranberries and Pecans

This salad includes oranges, baby greens, and pecans, all of which are essential for increasing white blood cells. Oranges provide vitamin C, while baby greens contain beta carotene, a powerful immune booster.

Garlic Soup

This soup contains up to 50 cloves of garlic and has been used medicinally for over 5,000 years for its ability to fight infections.

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables containing carrots, peppers, and tomatoes are rich in beta carotene and vitamin C, both of which can help increase white blood cells.

Red Bean and Poblano Chili

This chili is rich in vitamin C due to the pepper content and contains pinto beans, which are a good source of selenium.

Baked Kale Chips

Kale chips are a healthy and delicious snack that contains the necessary vitamin A to fight off infections. They’re also an excellent way to curb snacking on unhealthy foods that are counterproductive to boosting your immune system.


Incorporating the right foods in your diet can significantly enhance your immune system’s functioning, increase your white blood cell count, and improve your body’s ability to fight off infections. Vitamins like C and A, minerals like zinc and selenium, and compounds found in garlic and turmeric are all essential for white blood cell production. Ensure you eat a diet rich in these and other immune-boosting foods to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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