“5 Common Mistakes That Prevent Your Success (And How to Fix Them)”

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Success Without Realizing It

Success is something we all strive for. We work hard, put in the extra hours, and push ourselves to the limit to achieve our dreams. However, despite our efforts, success always seems to be just out of arm’s reach. It’s frustrating, discouraging, and inefficient. What if we told you that success was always right in front of you, just waiting to be taken? What if we told you that you’ve been sabotaging yourself all along? Here are five ways that you’re sabotaging your success (and just don’t know it).

1. Always Striving for More
We live in a society that values more. We always need to fill the bucket higher. We want more money, more fame, more clients, more partnerships – just more of everything. We feel like we’ll be successful once we hit a certain metric. But the truth is, success isn’t always about attaining more. You have to decide when you’ll give yourself permission to be successful and enjoy. There will always be more goals to achieve. But when are you going to let yourself enjoy the success that you have right now?

2. Trying to be Prepared
Perfectionism is a common issue that many of us face. We work hard to make sure everything is perfect before we take a step forward. We hesitate, we doubt our abilities, and we stop ourselves from doing anything because we’re afraid that it might not be perfect. For many people, it’s about learning to trust yourself. If you’re waiting until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting a long time to let yourself accomplish your dreams. It’s about digging deep, trusting yourself, and jumping off the cliff, anyway.

3. Putting a Limit on Your Worth
Our own self-limiting beliefs can hold us back more than anything else. Early on in life, we size ourselves up and decide just about what we think we’re worth – how much love we should receive, how much money we should make, how much abuse we have to put up with. Any time we start to creep above that line, we shoot ourselves back down. Because we don’t feel like we deserve more than we’re worth. If you’re having issues raising your rates, asking for a raise, or just applying to that dream job, take a look at what you think you’re worth. Don’t settle for anything because you’re worth way more than that.

4. Misunderstanding Failure
Failure is a natural part of the growth process. We’re all terrified of failing, but who is the judge of failure? We’re the only judge of our failures. We can choose to see them as failures, or we can choose to see them as minor setbacks. We have the ability to keep getting back up when we fall down and learn new ways to do things. Failure is only what you decide it is. And, if you’re not ready to throw in the towel and fail, then you might as well take the lesson and try something new.

5. Waiting Until You Get “There”
“It’s on my to-do list” or “When I get there, I’ll do it” – these are common phrases people use time and time again. We’re always waiting for the moment when we can finally breathe easy. But the truth is that there is no magical moment. We don’t need anyone’s permission to be as successful as we want to be. We can choose to be successful right now. If you want to be successful, commit to doing it right now. Do things before you’re ready, try and fail at everything, know how much you’re worth, and allow yourself to be successful today.

In conclusion, the only person who’s been sabotaging your success is you. It’s time to take control and change that. Remember, success is less about how much you can achieve and more about how much success you can allow into your life. So give yourself permission to be successful and enjoy it.

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