5 Awesome Upgrades to Asana’s iPhone App That Will Boost Your Productivity Immediately

Asana Mobile: A Gamechanger for Task Management

As a longtime user of Asana, I have always appreciated its collaborative features and ability to manage projects with ease. However, despite its many benefits, I found the mobile app lacking in functionality, often opting to use other tools for individual task management. But all that has changed with the new version of Asana’s iPhone app, which has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on adding tasks quickly and efficiently.

Efficient Task Creation

One of the most significant improvements in the new Asana Mobile app is the ability to add tasks quickly and with more robust features. The app now offers the ability to add quick notes, due dates, tags, followers, and projects right from the task creation screen. The app’s intuitive design makes it easy to create tasks quickly while maintaining all the necessary details.

Enhanced Interface

In addition to improved task creation, the new Asana Mobile app has a more streamlined and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and manage tasks. Users can now swipe to get back to different Workspaces and Projects, or press navigation buttons if they prefer. This functionality is especially helpful when managing multiple projects at once, allowing users to switch between them with ease. The app also offers views by Project, Tag or People, and users can view all assigned tasks in one place. These features make it easy to stay on top of tasks and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Commenting on Tasks

Asana is known for its robust commenting features, allowing for collaborative feedback and discussion directly within tasks. The new Asana Mobile app has improved this functionality, making it even easier to collaborate on tasks while on the go. This feature is critical for remote teams, allowing for seamless communication and collaboration across timezones and locations.

Polished Look and Feel

The new Asana Mobile app has a more polished look and feel, making it more enjoyable and efficient to use. From the sleek design to the intuitive functionality, the app feels more streamlined overall, helping users stay focused and productive.

Room for Improvement

While the new Asana Mobile app is a significant improvement over its predecessor, there is still room for improvement. One of the missing features from the app is the incorporation of Asana Inbox, which has been a game-changer for keeping email inboxes organized. However, according to Asana’s Kenny Van Zant, this feature is not too far behind and may be included in future updates.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the new Asana Mobile app is a game-changer for task management on the go. Its intuitive and streamlined design, combined with robust task creation and commenting features, make it a powerful tool for remote teams and individuals alike. The app’s polished look and feel also add to the overall user experience, making it more enjoyable to use. If you’re a fan of Asana or looking for a powerful task management tool, the new Asana Mobile app is certainly worth a try.

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