5 Actionable Ways to Boost Impact through Recognizing Excellence

Recognize Excellence to Make a Difference: The Power of Positive Feedback


Have you ever experienced exceptional customer service at a fast food restaurant or any other service provider? Did it leave you feeling positive about the experience and the company? Positive feedback is powerful, and it can make a significant difference in an individual’s life. In this article, we will explore the concept of recognizing excellence through positive feedback and how it can be used to make a difference not only in an individual’s life but also in society.

Charitable Endeavors and Unintended Consequences:

As citizens, we often want to help those less fortunate than us by giving back through charitable endeavors. However, as economists, we are aware of the law of unintended consequences and how our charitable actions can work to the detriment of those we intend to help. For example, Tyler Cowen’s book, Discover Your Inner Economist, discusses how in parts of India, people pay to have limbs amputated to increase their begging take. This is not only destructive but also highlights the need for charitable endeavors that do not distort incentives.

Positive Feedback as a Means of Providing Efficient Markets:

One way to provide resources without distorting incentives is through positive feedback. Positive feedback is especially useful for employees who work in the service industry, such as fast food restaurants. Employees at these establishments usually have little room for advancement, but positive feedback can help identify talent and provide opportunities for growth. In addition, providing positive feedback can help companies provide better services by highlighting areas where they excel and areas that need improvement.

The Added Benefits of Providing Constructive Feedback:

Providing feedback is also an easy way to practice giving constructive criticism. As a college professor, I always ask my students to provide feedback at the end of the semester about what they liked and what they didn’t like about my courses. This feedback helps me improve as a teacher, and it also helps students become better at giving constructive criticism. Similarly, providing feedback to service providers can help individuals become better at giving constructive feedback and also helps service providers improve their services.


Positive feedback is a powerful tool that can be used to make a difference in an individual’s life and society. It is an effective means of identifying talent and providing opportunities for growth in the service industry. Furthermore, providing constructive feedback can help individuals become better at giving feedback, making it a useful tool for personal growth and development. So, the next time you experience exceptional customer service, take the time to provide positive feedback, and recognize excellence to make a difference.

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