4 Top File Sharing Alternatives to Dropbox for Streamlined Collaboration

Top Dropbox Alternatives for Online File Sharing: Explore Your Options Today

In today’s fast-paced digital age, data has become big business. Thousands of individuals and businesses around the world generate huge amounts of data that need to be shared, analyzed, and stored on a daily basis. With Dropbox being one of the major players in the online file-sharing arena, it is worth mentioning that other cloud-based file sharing applications offer similar services, usually at a fraction of the price. This article will explore some of the best alternatives to Dropbox for online file sharing.

1. JumboMail

JumboMail is at the top of the list for up and coming cloud-based file-sharing services. This service stands out from other services with its unique download page, which features an online media gallery. This gallery allows users to view all types of files (audio, images, documents) online before choosing to download them. As a result, this service is particularly useful for professionals such as photographers, graphic designers, and musicians.

JumboMail allows users to send emails with attachments of up to 20 GB from a simple web interface. The service also offers password protection for file transfers, uploading entire folders, and long-term storage options. Unlike Dropbox, JumboMail allows for free transfer up to 5 GB, and users have the option to purchase one-time upload codes or a subscription plan. These plans start from $12 per month for the basic package and go up to $20 per month for the business plan.

2. SpiderOak

SpiderOak boasts one of the most robust encryption protocols of any cloud-based storage service. The service pays the utmost attention to password and data encryption, ensuring privacy over end-to-end connections. This level of encryption and data security makes SpiderOak a top choice for many users who are concerned about their privacy and data security.

Like Dropbox, SpiderOak offers 2 GB of free space when signing up and premium plans that include 7 GB, 1 TB, and 5 TB of storage for $7, $12, and $25 respectively per month.

3. Box

Box is another popular cloud-based solution for sharing and sending large files. The service provides integration with Microsoft Office, allowing users to edit and share files without leaving the comfort of the Office interface. Box also provides cross-platform synchronization, making it easy to manage and share files across multiple devices.

Unlike some of the other services mentioned, Box limits individual file sizes to 250 MB. However, Box has grown in popularity over the past few years because of its easy file management and sharing features. Users get 10 GB of storage upon signing up and can upgrade to 100 GB for $6 per month or unlimited storage for $17 per month.

4. BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent Sync is a peer-to-peer file sharing application that allows users to sync files across multiple devices. Unlike Dropbox, files are not stored on an external server, making it one of the safest alternatives to Dropbox and other cloud-based solutions. File sharing is heavily encrypted for added security when sharing files between different devices.


Affordable web hosting plans have promoted the growth of file-sharing services on the internet, with new services popping up every so often. While Dropbox has upgraded its security infrastructure, the security loophole it experienced raised concerns about the security and privacy issues that come with cloud-based services. These Dropbox alternatives are far from perfect, but offer users options for file sharing across different platforms.

When looking for an online file-sharing service, it is important to consider privacy and data security. Dropbox alternatives offer similar features, sometimes at a fraction of the price. Options like JumboMail, SpiderOak, Box, and BitTorrent Sync provide users with the ability to share files online safely and securely, making file sharing and data storage convenient and easy.

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