4 Proven Ways to Explore Kerala Like a Pro!

4 Ways to Travel Across Kerala: Exploring God’s Own Country

Kerala is a highly popular tourist destination, attracting visitors by the tens of thousands each year. The state’s distinctive geographical landscapes, clean beaches, natural forest habitats of wildlife, backwaters for every boating enthusiast, festivals in urban destinations, and exquisite historic monuments and temples make it an ideal vacation getaway. If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful state in southwestern India, here are four ways to get around and explore God’s Own Country.

1. By Bus

Kerala’s robust and well-connected bus network is an excellent option for traveling within and outside the state. With over 6,000 buses available, tourists can choose from several schedules and stopping points. Government buses and private inter-state buses are dependable modes of transportation for residents and tourists, while privately-owned buses fare very well and travel throughout the state. For long-distance travel, several travel agencies and private bus companies offer booking facilities.

Experienced tourists recommend choosing air-conditioned Volvo bus services as they are reliable and offer high-quality service. This mode of transport is ideal for tourists who want to explore the state without the hassle of driving and navigating their way around unfamiliar areas.

2. Take the Train

If you prefer a more leisurely and scenic option for traveling across Kerala, the train is the way to go. The state has a vast network of rail lines, with many train options spanning long distances. The Kochi to Kozhikode route, which covers approximately 185 kilometers along the coastline, offers breathtaking views. Many trains offer air-conditioned compartments for a more comfortable journey, and night trains are an excellent option to beat the heat.

Tourists can also stop at small town stations or villages while taking the passenger train to stretch their legs and enjoy the local cuisine and sights. Kerala’s railway stations are well-connected to other modes of transport, offering the convenience of seamless travel across the state.

3. Enjoy a Taxi Ride

Tourist taxis are available throughout Kerala and offer one of the most popular and exciting ways to explore the state. Taxis are readily available at places like hotels, bus stations, boat harbor areas, the airport, and train stations. In Kerala, tourist taxis are typically white with a black taxi sign on the back.

Radio taxis are also available from companies like Fast Cabs, Uber, Ola, CelCabs, and more. All taxis have fixed rates, depending on the distance and hours traveled. The state also offers taxis exclusively for female travelers, such as She-Taxis, which offer a more feminine feel and greater safety for women tourists.

For those seeking adventure, motorbikes and cycles are a way to get closer to nature and explore the state’s beautiful scenery. Many tour companies offer packages for bikers, which provide a safer experience, as they guide riders to and from each stop. Visitors can take it easy with chauffeured methods of travel, which are more reliable and safer than driving cars on their own, especially on rough and narrow roads.

Travelling in and around Kerala is a rewarding experience, and the state offers several travel amenities to make the journey comfortable and exciting. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, these dependable and safe modes of transportation in Kerala will make your trip an unforgettable one.

In conclusion, Kerala is a state that has something to offer every traveler, from stunning landscapes to vibrant festivals, and exploring God’s Own Country is a must-do for anyone visiting India. With several dependable modes of transportation available, tourists can travel across the state’s beautiful regions and enjoy a memorable experience.

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