“30 Top Instagram Photographers to Instantly Elevate Your Feed and Enhance Your Life”

30 Photographers to Follow on Instagram for a Life Boost

Thanks to Instagram, we can experience faraway places, exotic scenes, culturally significant events, mentally stimulating and downright gorgeous images from all over the world. Adding a few (or all) of these talented photographers to your feed can enrich your life with purposefully captured visuals and impressions from places you may have traveled yourself, or new destinations you have yet to visit. Here are 30 skilled and insightful photographers to follow on Instagram for a life boost.

Travel Photographers

With a passion for travel and adventure, these photographers capture mesmerizing images of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

1. Lizzy Gadd (@elizabethgadd): She captures stunning images of nature and the great outdoors.

2. Murad Osmann (@muradosmann): Known for his “follow me” series, Osmann’s stunning travel photos take us to some of the world’s most iconic destinations.

3. Lisa Michele Burns (@lisamicheleburns): With a love for travel and luxury, Burns captures gorgeous images of tropical beaches, luxurious hotels and exotic destinations around the world.

4. Quin (@everchanginghorizon): Quin’s breathtaking images showcase the natural beauty of the world’s most remote locations, including Iceland, Patagonia, and the Faroe Islands.

5. Jack Morris (@doyoutravel): Vibrant colors, stunning sunsets, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches are some of the highlights of Morris’s travels.

6. Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard): As a self-taught photographer and artist, Burkard captures some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, from snow-covered mountains to serene lakes and pristine beaches.

7. Lauren Bath (@laurenepbath): With a talent for capturing perfectly framed images of food, drink, and beautiful landscapes, Bath shares the beauty of her native Australia.

8. Michael Yamashita (@yamashitaphoto): With documentary-style images, Yamashita’s feed showcases his travels through Asia, including some of the continent’s most remote villages.

Architecture and Urban Landscapes

These photographers capture the beauty of architecture and urban places in their own unique way.

9. Christine McConnell (@christinehmcconnell): McConnell’s beautiful images capture the beauty of old-timey, historic buildings, and the beauty of the small details.

10. Iwan Baan (@iwanbaan): A photographer with a deep appreciation for the relationship between architecture and the people who influence it, Baan captures social currents and daily life through the structures that are born from the people.

11. Sebastian Weiss (@le_blanc): Photo columnist for Architectural Digest Germany, Weiss is a lover of concrete and sees the beauty in the lines and curves of the city.

12. Cindy Loughridge (@cindyloughridge): With photographs of nature up-close and personal, Loughridge captures the simple beauty of plants, flowers, and the natural world in urban spaces.

13. Dirk Bakker (@macenzo): Bakker’s stunning photographs capture the elegance and beauty of architecture, both urban and rural.

14. Tatsuto Shibata (@deepsky): Focusing on the geometric shapes and patterns of modern-day architecture, Shibata’s photographs feature bold colors and industrial design.

15. Jon Levy (@foto_viz): Focusing on the small details in architecture that often go unnoticed, Levy captures unique perspectives and details of buildings and urban landscapes.

Street Style and Fashion

These photographers have their finger on the pulse of street style and culture.

16. Tamu McPherson (@tamumcpherson): With a keen eye for style, McPherson’s images capture the beauty of street style and the high-fashion world.

17. Brian DiFeo (@bridif): A leader in the street style photography game, DiFeo’s photographs capture the most fashionable people and stylish outfits across the globe.

18. Hunter Johnson (@hunterjohnsonnyc): A fashion and street style photographer, Johnson’s photographs showcase the beauty of New York’s fashion scene, capturing both the glamorous and edgy looks.

19. Jonathan Daniel Pryce (@garconjon): A Scottish photographer with a love for fashion and street style, Pryce’s images capture the beauty and diversity of street style from all around the world.

20. Lee Oliveira (@leeoliveira): Oliveira’s images capture the beauty and diversity of the fashion world, featuring street style looks from fashion capitals around the world.

Nature and Wildlife

These photographers capture the beauty of the natural world, from breathtaking landscapes to captivating wildlife.

21. Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen): A National Geographic photographer, Nicklen’s photographs capture stunning images of wildlife, as well as the changing Arctic landscape.

22. Cristina Mittermeier (@cristinamittermeier): As a marine biologist and photographer, Mittermeier captures stunning images of marine wildlife and the world’s oceans.

23. Marsel van Oosten (@marselvanoosten): A wildlife photographer with a stunningly beautiful feed, Van Oosten’s photographs capture the beauty of the natural world through breathtaking landscapes, and close-ups of wildlife.

24. Dave Yoder (@daveyoder): Well known for his work with National Geographic, Yoder’s photographs capture the beauty of nature, wildlife, and people living in remote locations.

25. Kelly Slater (@kellyslater): In addition to being one of the greatest surfers of all time, Slater is also an avid nature photographer and shares stunning images of waves and the natural world.

26. David Doubilet (@daviddoubilet): With a focus on the marine world, Doubilet’s photographs capture the beauty and diversity of the underwater world.

27. Ami Vitale (@amivitale): A National Geographic photographer, Vitale’s images capture the beauty of wildlife and nature from all around the world.

Fine Art and Landscapes

These photographers capture the natural world and fine art in their own unique way.

28. Brooke Shaden (@brookeshaden): A self-portrait artist, Shaden’s images are both eerie and beautiful, using the human form to create hauntingly beautiful photographs.

29. Elizabeth Gadd (@elizabethgadd): With a love of hiking and the great outdoors, Gadd’s breathtaking landscapes and stunning images showcase the beauty of nature.

30. Hiroaki Fukuda (@hirozzzz): A stunning feed with beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful fine art photographs, featuring a variety of subjects from urban landscapes to the natural world.

In conclusion, Instagram has given us an incredible amount of visual inspiration and insight into the world around us. Following these skilled and insightful photographers will add beauty, depth, and enrichment to your feed and your life.