“3 Writers Who Will Spark Your Intellect, Boost Your Mood, and Leave You In Stitches!”

The Gift of Writing: Three Inspiring Writers Who Will Make You Smarter, More Emotionally Intelligent, and Bring More Laughter to Your Life

As the saying goes, “words are powerful.” And when it comes to writers, some are gifted with the ability to not only engage their audience but also influence them to become better people. These writers are the ones who can pair words together that will inspire readers and have them returning for more. In this article, we will introduce you to three inspiring writers that will make you smarter, more emotionally intelligent, and bring more laughter to your life.

Kimanzi Constable: The Expert of Practical Publishing Strategies

Kimanzi Constable is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post. He is also the bestselling author of “Are You Living Or Existing?” His love for writing started at a young age, but it wasn’t until later in life that he was able to embrace it and create a living from it.

Kimanzi’s journey to success wasn’t an easy one. He dropped out of high school and was homeless for a period. He caught a few breaks but his challenges got the best of him. After years of mismanaging his life, he found himself 170 pounds overweight and $180,000 in debt. But it was at that time when he rediscovered his love for writing.

He published his first book, “Tales of The Everyday Working Man,” but soon realized that he needed to learn much more about publishing. A year and a half later, he released his second book, “Are You Living Or Existing?” which was much more successful. To this day, Kimanzi has sold over 100,000 books.

What sets Kimanzi apart from other writers is his ability to teach writers specific strategies. He recognizes that being a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat, and in many of his articles, he teaches his readers how to control their emotions, instead of letting them control us. Moreover, he always encourages his readers to have fun with it. Many of his readers enjoy his rants about his loyalty to Taylor Swift. Kimanzi is an example of what everyone should do as they travel the road to success: be yourself!

Isabelle Rizo: The Nonprofit Founder Who Helps You Discover Your Core Essence

Isabelle Rizo is the owner of the international boutique marketing company, The BellaVie. Her passion for educating others abroad led her to co-found the non-profit organization, The Global Education Partnership. As a female nomad, Isabelle works with brands and entrepreneurs to discover their soul purpose in order to authentically market themselves with efficiency and effectiveness.

Isabelle infuses her work with neuroscience and graphics to get her readers to think differently and take action. In her periscopes and blog posts, she shares with her audience about the fear of success, as well as the fear of failure. She is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of her audience and is a strong advocate of being authentic. No one likes a faker. Isabelle will inspire you to find yourself and discover your core essence, in order to build a passion-based business.

Kenneth Eade: The Bestselling Author Who Educates You on Social Issues

Kenneth Eade is an award-winning filmmaker and bestselling author of six novels that impart knowledge on important issues like GMOs, police brutality, and cyberstalking. His work has been featured on The Huffington Post. He practiced law for 30 years before becoming an author.

Kenneth’s novels are unique because they are based on solid research and current events that affect our lives. They are entertaining, but they also educate readers about their civil liberties. Kenneth always creates a cast of interesting and unique characters that you grow to like as they interact with each other in a politically humorous way.


These three inspiring writers, Kimanzi Constable, Isabelle Rizo, and Kenneth Eade, are just a few examples of gifted writers who use their abilities to educate, entertain, and inspire their audience. They will help you become smarter, more emotionally intelligent, and bring more laughter to your life. So make sure to check out their work and let yourself be influenced by their words. Remember, words are powerful, and these writers have the ability to use them for the greater good.

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