20 Must-Know Pet Websites That Will Revolutionize the Way You Care for Your Furry Friend

20 Essential Pet Websites Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

As a pet owner, it’s important to have access to reliable, helpful, and informative websites that can assist you in taking care of your beloved animal. With so many pet websites available on the internet, it can be challenging to know which ones are worth your time. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 20 essential pet websites that every pet owner needs to know, ranging from advice on pet health to creative pet products and even exotic animals for sale.

1. SoPets

SoPets is a lively pet blog that offers advice on pet care, fun pet pictures, an “Adoption” section, and information on exotic pets. With its fun design and engaging content, this website is a great resource for any pet owner.

2. Only Natural

If you’re interested in offering your pet a sustainable, organic food supply, Only Natural is an excellent resource. Although it’s more expensive than other pet food websites, the website promotes preservative-free and sustainably-sourced food products. It is only available in the United States.

3. Bring Fido

Taking your pet on holiday is becoming increasingly popular, and Bring Fido allows you to choose from a range of dog-friendly hotels. Whether you’re planning a road trip with your furry friend or simply looking for a hotel that’s pet-friendly, Bring Fido can help.

4. Web Vet

Before heading to the vet, you can search Web Vet’s database for common pet illnesses. By learning about the common health problems that pets face, pet owners can often save time and money on veterinary care.

5. Pet University

Pet University is a site run and supported by scientists, University Professors, Certified Pet Dog Trainers(CPDTs), and animal authors. It’s an intriguing site where pet owners can learn valuable information about what makes their pets tick, as well as pick up handy tips on what their pets expect from them.

6. Cat Lovers Only

Cat Lovers Only is an online community for cat owners. Despite its archaic-looking website, the website boasts over 82,000 Facebook fans and offers a vast database of cat-based information.

7. Pet Health Information

Pet Health Information offers a wealth of information about various pets. The website is particularly useful for anyone looking to buy a pet as it provides fundamental information. Pet Health Information also offers some freebies, such as a free calendar and downloadable gifts and cards.

8. Omlet

Omlet caters to the more rustic pet owner and offers a vast range of products for chickens and beekeeping as well as other unusual pet food products, toys, and gifts. If you’re a hamster fan, Omlet’s Qute Hamster Cage is something special to consider, although it is expensive.

9. BabblePie

BabblePie offers creative ideas for constructing cages for rodents. It displays how pet owners can build a fine playground for their rodent friends with a bit of creative flair and assembling the right products.

10. Canine Journal

Canine Journal offers a very handy list of foods and beverages that pet owners should avoid feeding their dogs. This makes it easier to understand which food items are harmful to your dog’s health.

11. PawsPlus

PawsPlus offers vaccinations up to 70% off standard prices, providing low-cost healthcare for dogs, puppies, kittens, and cats through local pet stores. While these are US-based services, you should always check for similar schemes in your area.

12. Doggie Buddy’s 52 Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Doggie Buddy offers an exhaustive list of 52 new tricks that pet owners can teach their dogs. While the more elaborate tricks may not be achievable, at least starting with “sit” and “stay” can be a positive inauguration for any dog.

13. Pet Diets

Pet Diets is aimed at cat and dog owners and offers information on healthy diets. Pet owners can contact a nutritionist for further information which is a very handy feature.

14. Lakeland Parrot & Birdkeepers

Lakeland Parrot & Birdkeepers offers an extensive range of information on birds, including a detailed section on anatomy, a contact line for advice, as well as the chance to connect with enthusiasts from around the world.

15. Animal Planet

Animal Planet is the Discovery site for the TV channel. Along with a helpful daily guide to what’s on, Animal Planet has blogs on animal well-being, a “Pets 101” section, fun facts, oddities, a shop with unusual gifts, and much more.

16. Dog Shaming

Dog Shaming became an online craze in 2013. Dog owners are able to showcase their pet’s embarrassing behaviour to the world, while connecting them with millions of like-minded dog fans. Although most owners secretly adore their pet’s eccentricities, Dog Shaming is a revealing insight into the arbitrary world of animal behavior.

17. Exotic Animals For Sale

Exotic Animals For Sale offers information and advice on making homes for exotic pets and provides details on animals that are already for sale. Whether you are thinking of buying an exotic pet or need to re-home your pet hedgehog or blue whale, with 1.1 thousand Facebook Likes, this site is certainly a sound place to start.

18. PETA

PETA promotes the well-being of animals worldwide. By signing up and getting involved with PETA, pet owners can support their own pets and help animals around the world.

19. My Kid Has Paws

My Kid Has Paws is a blog run by a veterinarian and pet owner. It covers a range of topics, including tips on dog walking, pet safety, pet health, and much more. It’s a helpful resource for any pet owner, whether they are experienced or new to pet ownership.

20. PetMD

Last but not least, PetMD offers a range of resources for pet owners, including information on pet health and nutrition, as well as a vet-approved symptom checker that allows pet owners to check their pet’s symptoms and learn more about potential health concerns. It’s a comprehensive site that pet owners should visit regularly.


Owning a pet comes with many joyful moments, but it also requires responsibility and care. With the help of these essential pet websites, pet owners can find all the necessary information, resources, and products to ensure their beloved animals live healthy and happy lives. From pet health advice to creative pet products and everything in between, these websites will make pet ownership much more manageable, informative, and enjoyable.

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