20 Must-Have iPhone Design Apps for Aspiring Designers

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives, with countless apps available to assist us in almost every aspect. For designers, these devices have also become valuable tools, allowing them to create stunning work anytime and anywhere. In this article, we take a closer look at 20 of the best iPhone design apps for designers of all levels.

1. FilMic Pro

FilMic Pro is an app that helps designers shoot professional-quality video with their iPhones. This app allows the user to control focus, exposure, and white balance, giving them complete control over the video’s quality. Additionally, the app can film at a higher nitrate than the iPhone’s default camera, ensuring that video footage is not blurry or pixelated.

2. Blux

Blux is a powerful photo app that makes it easy to produce nicely designed photos, even for those with minimal photography knowledge. The app automatically detects the best settings to use for a photo by processing the current scene in front of the camera. It also pulls weather information from the user’s location from the internet, maximizing the photo’s settings.

3. Sum05

Sum05 is an app that’s fun and easy to use for established designers and design beginners alike. This design app requires minimal operating knowledge but creates incredibly dynamic designs. The user simply tilts, taps, and rotates their iPhone to create new colors and reposition strokes.

4. Layers

Layers is a powerful sketch and drawing app that allows users to draw within different layers, enabling a user to customize the transparency, order, position, size, and fill of each layer. This app includes many different default brush types, making it a versatile tool for drawing.

5. Adobe Kuler

Kuler lets users quickly and easily create color palettes from photos. The app identifies five points of color on the photo, then presents the user with a color palette. The user can easily edit the palettes with a range of tools, plus seamlessly generate color palettes from photos on Flickr.

6. Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is an app intended as a companion to Adobe Illustrator, allowing designers to create vector images right on their iPhone quickly. Adobe Ideas is a powerful design app that allows you to quickly and easily create vector images for use at any size. The app also lets users quickly share their creations to social media or their Adobe account.

7. Marksta

Marksta is an essential app for designers on the go. The app lets users quickly and efficiently add their watermark to photos, allowing them to quickly publish designs and make sure the world knows they’re theirs.

8. PicLabHD

PicLabHD is an excellent photo design app, perfect for social media posts. The app lets users add typography to their photos, with many styles included. This app also includes layer-based editing, so they can build beautiful phrases with shapes and banners as well. PicLabHD also allows users to control rotation and bend of the text and erase text, dynamically fitting the image.

9. Gelo

Gelo is an excellent design app that allows users to quickly apply gradients to photos. Gradients are an essential tool to adding effects to landscapes with a strong horizon, but can also be used to create custom vintage effects. Gelo offers full control over the effect’s position and transparency and color.

10. Photochop

Photochop is an app that allows you to cut subjects out of your photos and add them to a variety of backgrounds. The app allows you to flip and resize your image, seamlessly integrating it with other photos.

11. TiltShift Generator

TiltShift Generator allows users to achieve the same tilt-shift look on their iPhone photos as achieved with special lenses. Unlike blur effects in other apps, TiltShift Generator includes radial, straight, and ellipse blurs. This design app also includes filter options to quickly treat your photos.

12. Fuzel

Fuzel is an app that allows users to create quick photo collages. Unlike other photo collage apps, Fuzel integrates many different shapes for your photos, not just rectangular collages. This app also supports direct export to many social networks and sharing sites, plus gives users full control over photo size and positioning.

13. pixelWakker

PixelWakker is an excellent editor to convert your photos to pop art inspired images. The app offers several different effects, including mimicking comic book pointillism and reproducing your image out of smaller versions of your photo. PixelWakker offers photo transformations that other, high-level graphic design programs don’t.

14. Path

Path is an app that lets users add text to photos. The app offers a unique approach to adding text, allowing the user to draw the path the text should follow. Type the text after drawing the path, and the text immediately flows along the area chosen. Additionally, users can control alignment and character spacing, plus choose from a large library of fonts.

15. FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio boasts the largest collection of filters among iPhone photo editing apps. The app includes text and banners to impose on your photos and is incredibly easy to browse with filters organized by genre. FX Photo Studio lets you apply a filter to your photo, but control where the filter is applied, making it a powerful option for quickly making your photos more appealing.

16. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a powerful design app that offers many advanced features, including blemish removal, red eye removal, and advanced control over exposure, hue, and contrast. The app also includes 20 filter effects to give your photos extra punch, making it an excellent option for those looking to jump into design but don’t have advanced knowledge of Photoshop.

17. Sketch

Sketch is a vector-based design app that allows users to create stunning designs on their iPhone. The app includes many features, such as unlimited layers, point editing for vector objects, and powerful export options. Sketch is a powerful tool for designers of all levels and is compatible with a range of file formats.

18. Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket is a design app that allows users to create artworks directly on their iPhone. The app includes a range of brushes and tools, allowing designers to create stunning digital drawings. With advanced layers and blending options, Procreate Pocket is a versatile tool for designers of all levels.

19. BeFunky

BeFunky is an app that allows users to create stunning collages using their favorite photos. The app includes a range of templates and frames, allowing designers to create personalized collages in minutes. With advanced editing tools and the ability to add text and stickers, BeFunky is a fun and versatile app for designers.

20. Canva

Canva is a design app that allows users to create stunning designs on their iPhone. The app includes a range of templates and design elements, allowing designers to create personalized designs quickly and easily. With a range of stock images and photo filters, Canva is a versatile tool for designers of all levels.

In conclusion, mobile devices have become a valuable tool for designers, with a range of apps available to assist them in creating stunning designs. From photo and video apps to vector-based design and collage apps, the options are endless. The 20 apps listed in this article are incredibly useful and time-saving for designers, regardless of their experience level, making them an excellent option for anyone looking to up their design game.

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