20 Eye-Opening Realizations for Sisters Living Apart

20 Struggles Sisters Face When Living Far Apart

Do you have a sister whom you’re close to? Having a sister by your side since childhood can be a blessing – she’s been there for you through thick and thin. However, when you and your sister live far apart from each other, keeping up with each other can be a challenge. Here are 20 struggles that sisters face when they live far apart.

1. Time Zone Differences

You may want to catch up with your sister after a long day at work, but realize that it’s 3 am where she is. Eventually, you get used to Skyping at odd times.

2. Reassuring Parents

Your parents may constantly ask you about your sister, and you may not always have the answer.

3. Talking About Adult Life

You and your sister used to talk about toys and games, but now, you talk about promotions and yoga classes. When did you both grow up?

4. Slow Internet

Just when you planned the perfect Skype catch-up session, your internet connection fails.

5. Stalking Social Media

When you can’t get through to your sister, you go through her Facebook page to keep up-to-date with her life.

6. Missing Your Sister’s Presence

It’s not the same when you visit home and your sister’s not there with you.

7. Phone Signal Issues

Just when you’re having an interesting conversation, your phone’s signal fails.

8. Seeing Each Other through Skype

After a long time, seeing your sister’s face through Skype brings tears to your eyes.

9. Keeping Secrets from Parents

You avoid telling your parents about your sister’s wild stories.

10. Unplanned Early Morning Calls

You may be sleeping, but you wake up to talk about the season finale of your favorite show.

11. Struggling with New Slang

Your sister’s picked up the new slang words, but you have no idea what they mean.

12. Sending Lengthy Emails

You might send lengthy emails to update your sister on every detail of your life.

13. Worrying about Making Friends

You may worry about your sister making friends in a new place.

14. Holding Grudges for Your Sister

When someone’s mean to your sister, you may hold a grudge against them.

15. Feeling Jealous

You may feel envious of your sister’s flatmate since they get to see her more than you do.

16. Sharing Clothes

You notice some of your clothes in your sister’s background on Skype and realize that they’re practically hers now.

17. Dealing with Annoying Parents

Your sister used to diffuse your parents, but now you’re the only target.

18. The Cost of Visiting

You’d love to visit your sister every weekend, but your bank balance won’t allow it.

19. Remembering the Past

You reminisce about the good times you shared when you lived together.

20. Nothing Has Changed

Despite the distance, you both remain the same and miss each other equally.

In conclusion, living far apart from your sister may be a challenge, but even the smallest effort to keep in touch can make a significant difference. Remember, distance doesn’t change how much you love and care for each other.

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