“19 Unique Behaviors of Highly Sensitive Individuals That’ll Leave You in Awe”

The Life of a Highly Sensitive Person: 19 Things They Do Differently

As a highly sensitive person, life can often feel overwhelming. The smallest things can trigger a wave of emotions that can last for days. While some may view this trait as a negative, there are significant benefits to being highly sensitive. In this article, we will explore the unique characteristics of highly sensitive people and the ways they do things differently.

Feeling More Deeply

Highly sensitive people experience emotions more intensely than others. They feel joy, sadness, and love with heightened awareness and intensity. This can also mean that they may become overwhelmed by negative emotions such as anxiety and depression, making it essential for them to address these feelings with professional support.

Quick to Cry

Crying is a natural response to emotions, but for highly sensitive people, it may be more frequent than others. Even minor triggers such as touching movie scenes or simple gestures of kindness can bring them to tears.

Reacting with Emotion

Being acutely attuned to their emotions means that highly sensitive people may act impulsively in the moment. Although they may have the capacity for logical reasoning, their initial response will always be guided by their emotions.

Taking Longer to Make Decisions

Highly sensitive people will weigh every choice meticulously, considering both logical and emotional aspects of the decision. Consequently, it can take more time for them to arrive at a final conclusion.

Getting Upset Over Poor Decisions

Highly sensitive people typically approach decisions with cautious consideration, making a poor decision a significant source of disappointment. They may feel guilty, angry, or deeply upset; it can take time to move forward after a bad choice.

Prone to Anxiety and Depression

Unfortunately, highly sensitive people are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than others due to their heightened sensitivity. It is essential to seek professional help if you have symptoms of either condition to address and manage them appropriately.

Detail-oriented and Observant

Highly sensitive people tend to be very observant and notice the smallest of details. Such an acute awareness can be a significant source of information as they pick up cues that others may miss.

A Magnet for People

More often than not, highly sensitive people have a natural charm that draws people towards them. They are often compassionate listeners, empathetic advisors, and caring friends.

The Listening Ear

People tend to seek out highly sensitive people to talk about their problems, seeking guidance and emotional support. With heightened awareness, they offer a safe space for open communication.

Dispenser of Life Advice

While highly sensitive people tend to attract requests for advice, they are also adept at providing thoughtful and practical guidance. Their caring nature, combined with deep insight, make them ideal advisors.

Loved by Animals

Highly sensitive people often harbor a deep love and respect for all creatures of the earth, making them magnets for animals seeking love and care.

Heightened Intuition

Intuition comes naturally for highly sensitive people. They can sense when something is awry with someone, pick up on the slightest details, and anticipate the outcome of situations with uncanny accuracy.

Reading People Like a Book

Alongside intuition, highly sensitive people are terrific at reading people. They can perceive what is happening behind the scenes, even if the person is trying to be evasive.

Empathic Abilities

Sensitive people can feel the pain of others and relate emotionally to their suffering. As such, they tend to be powerful advocates for those in need and are moved to act by world issues.


Spirituality does not have to be religious for highly sensitive people. Instead, spirituality is about finding deeper meaning in life, fostering connections with people and nature, and finding inner peace.

Body Awareness

Sensitive people tend to have a heightened awareness of their body, noticing even minor changes that others may ignore. Yoga, tai chi, or meditation practices can help them stay in tune with their bodies and optimize their health.

Loving Passionately

Highly sensitive people love with deep commitment and sincerity. They bring intensity to all their relationships, especially romantic ones. However, this comes with its downside as losing a loved one can be particularly difficult.

Hating Passionately

Conversely, highly sensitive people can also feel hatred in the same intense way. They may experience strong dislike or even hate for those who have offended or hurt them.

World Issues Affect Them Deeply

Highly sensitive people are prone to being affected by world issues and emotional upheavals, identifying deeply with global challenges and crises. They may be drawn to campaigns, donations, or other related movements.


Being a highly sensitive person can be challenging, but it can also be a beautiful and positive characteristic. They are deeply compassionate, caring individuals, capable of perceiving and relating emotionally to those around them. Acknowledging and embracing this trait is crucial for individuals with heightened sensitivity to ensure good mental health and emotional well-being.

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