“19 Easy Ways to Help Make Life Better for Everyone Around You”

Small Courtesies that Can Make a Big Difference in Someone’s Day

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget simple acts of kindness. However, small gestures can have a massive impact on someone’s day. Being courteous and respectful towards others is a sign of empathy and kindness. In this article, we will discuss some simple courtesies that can help you make a difference in someone’s life.

Smile, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

A smile is contagious and can boost someone’s mood. It doesn’t matter if the smile is not genuine. Sometimes, the act of letting the sides of your facial muscles turn north can make someone else’s day.

Give a Genuine Compliment

A kind and sincere compliment can make someone’s day. Make sure it’s specific. Instead of a generic “you look great!”, say something like “your blue scarf brings out the flecks of gold in your green eyes, and they look stunning!”

Pay the Toll for the Person Behind You

Performing an unexpected act of kindness for a stranger can be a great feeling. The next time you drive through the tollgate, pay the toll for the person behind you. It’s quick, easy, and won’t make you bankrupt.

Let the Person Know When You’re Running Late

If you’re running late for a meeting, let the person know exactly where you are, so they can plan what to do with their time. You might invite their ire, but at least they’ll know exactly what to expect and act accordingly.

Offer Help to a Lost Tourist

If you see someone holding up a map, looking confused and lost, offer your help. Give them specific instructions on where and how to get to their destination.

Be Kind to Waitstaff

It’s important to be kind to waitstaff. You don’t know if they’ve had a long day and are on their way to their second job just to keep the bills paid. Everyone has a story, so practice empathy.

Hold the Door Open

Hold the door open for an elderly woman or someone carrying a bag full of groceries. Or, hold the door for the person behind you. It’s a simple gesture of common courtesy.

Share Your Talents

People appreciate creativity and talent. A song, painting, or any art form can be a great reminder to slow down and appreciate our journey in life.

Be Compassionate Towards Young Parents

Mothers of toddlers do not intend to make life harder for you. They’re doing the best they can. Instead of judgmental looks, be kind and show empathy towards them. The same goes for moms who are stuck on a long-haul flight with their toddlers.

Be Patient While Waiting in Line

Instead of showing your irritation, practice being mindful and fully present in that precise moment. It’s a good time for reflection and cherishing the little things we take for granted.

Give Someone a Break

Moms, in particular, are always busy and don’t have much free time. Give them a day off to recharge their batteries. It will make a big difference.

Listen Without Interrupting

When someone is talking to you, try to really listen to them, without thinking of what to say next. Look them in the eye and give them your undivided attention.

Withhold Judgement

Nobody’s perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Before making a judgement, try to practice compassion as you never know the full extent of someone’s situation.

Offer to Help with a Toddler

Mothers of little children have a lot on their plates. A little help will go a long way.

Clean as You Go

A tidier and more organized space will work wonders on your productivity. Plus, it’s helpful for others around you as well.

Say Please and Thank You

Simple words of appreciation like “please” and “thank you” can go a long way.
Get a Good Night’s Rest

Make sure to take care of yourself. Being cranky can affect everyone around you.

Hold Your Tongue

If you have nothing nice to say, it’s better to hold your tongue. Spread joy and good cheer. These simple gestures may lift your own day a little brighter as well.


Small courtesies can make a big impact on someone’s day. It takes little effort to spread joy and show kindness towards others. Be that person who makes life easier for those around you. Show compassion and empathy towards others. Remember, chivalry is not dead. Small acts of kindness can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

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