15 Top Lifehacks You Can’t Afford to Miss from February 2012

The Best of Lifehack: February 2012

As Lifehack continues to bring us amazing content every month, sometimes some of the most important and interesting articles aren’t seen by our busy readers. So, here is The Best of Lifehack for February 2012, showcasing articles from the previous month that are worth revisiting.

Productivity Lessons from the Millennial Work Style

The Gen Y workforce is upon us in full force, and Marissa Brassfield gives us five lessons about productivity that we can all afford to learn from these Millennials. With their mastery of technology and ability to collaborate efficiently, there is much we can learn from the younger generations about being more productive.

Why To-Do Lists Don’t Work and Done Lists Do

Instead of obsessing over what we have to do, Leo Wildrich argues that we should keep track of what we have done and base what we should do off of it to be more productive and effective. This is a truly inspirational piece that challenges conventional productivity wisdom.

Time Management Tips for Road Warriors

Those who travel frequently for work know that being productive on the go is a challenge. In this article, Thanh Pham provides the road warrior with seven tips that can save them time and frustration while they are traveling, but can also be useful for anyone who needs to get their work done in different, disparate places.

Ways to Get Rid of All the Crap in Your Life That’s Holding You Back

Caz Makepeace shows us how to make this year the simplest one ever in this prolific article. Go back to paper productivity, go to sleep early, and improve your diet are just three of the ways she offers to get rid of the junk in your life. These simple changes can create a significant impact on your personal and professional life.

Manage Your Twitter Followers With Three Simple Tools

Social networking expert Chris Skoyles recommends tools to help you tweak your Twitter account by getting rid of people who don’t follow you, unfollowing inactive accounts, and deciding who to follow or friend. These tips can save a lot of time and prevent unnecessary frustration when using social media.

The Only 5 Tools You Need to Implement GTD

Karol Krol, the same guy that brought us the awesome series on GTD in January, shows us the five essential tools we need to Get Things Done. This article supplements his series, offering easy implementation of the GTD method.

Warning: You Have Entered the Burnout Zone

Burnout is a significant issue many of us face. Royale Scuderi provides us with handy lists to identify if we are burned out, as well as some ways to fix our burnout. The article provides strategies for self-care, mindfulness, and rest to mitigate burnout.

There are no do overs, but there are 2nd chances

Instead of regretting our past actions and mistakes, Judy Belmont suggests that we create a “second chance checklist” so we can look at how we can correct an issue rather than regret it. This article provides a refreshing perspective on how to move forward from past mistakes.

Productivity Habits That Will Rock Your World

Sometimes we need big changes to start being more productive again. Ciara Conlon shows us five habits that will rock our non-productive worlds. Her simple tips, such as prioritizing and taking breaks, can create a significant impact on our daily lives.

101 Ways to Break Free and Level Up Your Life

If you’re feeling stuck in life, Lifehack Editor Mike Vardy has got you covered with his list of 101 quick ways to make your life better. These simple yet effective strategies can help you get unstuck, enjoy life more, and become a better version of yourself.

13 Daily Rituals from Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

The Young Entrepreneurs Council brings us 13 rituals from some incredible people that keep them on the straight and narrow and avoid going crazy. These tips can keep you sane, particularly if you are a new entrepreneur.

In conclusion, these articles from February 2012 represent some of the best Lifehack content for productivity, self-improvement, and personal and professional growth. We hope they inspire you and provide motivation on your journey to becoming a better version of yourself.