15 Signs You’re a Writer (You Probably Haven’t Noticed)

From crumpled papers to scribbles at the edge of books, writers have always been known for their messy nature. Regardless of where they find themselves, they always have some form of writing material with them – whether it’s a pen and paper or a digital memo. People may think it’s weird, but to writers, it’s just who they are. It’s almost as if they were born differently, with certain qualities that set them apart from others.

Here are 15 signs that you’re a writer, even if you feel otherwise:

1. You Are a Word Hoarder

As a writer, you always have a notepad nearby to jot down anything that catches your attention. You are a word hoarder and any sentence that makes sense must be written down. You have lots of Post-it notes, memos, and scribbles on toilet paper, just so you don’t forget it.

2. You Love Adventure

You love the thrill of creating pictures with your words and leaving the present reality for short periods of time. Sometimes, people accuse you of not paying attention, but you’re just in your own little world.

3. You Love to Read

Reading books is your definition of fun. You prefer quiet time with a book in your hands over going out to the movies or a game. You hesitate to lend out your books because you fear they won’t be returned.

4. You’d Rather Write It Than Say It

Writing comes naturally to you, so you find it easier to express your thoughts on paper than face-to-face. You’re more likely to give someone a piece of your mind in an email or letter than in person.

5. You Know Good Writing When You See It

You have good taste when it comes to writing. You read something and unconsciously appreciate how it’s written as much as what is written.

6. You Observe and Create Stories About People

You are forever silent, observing people and creating stories about them in your head. You don’t mind being caught staring because it’s what writers do best.

7. You See Every Experience as a Goldmine

To you, nothing is a waste. Every experience, no matter how mundane, is something to write about. You even take notes about things other people don’t even notice.

8. You Value Your Journals Over Shoes

You could easily get rid of your old shoes, but your filled-up journals? Never! You’ll never throw them away.

9. You See Writing as a Form of Therapy

Putting your thoughts on paper is therapeutic. Writing helps you process your emotions and, if you haven’t written in days, your emotions start going berserk.

10. You’re Curious About Your Environment

You’re sensitive to your environment and notice when things change. You’re always interested in things that others overlook.

11. You Love Listening to Your Thoughts

Thinking comes naturally to you, and you embrace it. When people ask you why you think so much, you don’t even have an answer because that’s just who you are.

12. You Cherish Every Compliment

Compliments are few and far between, but when you receive them, you cherish them. You replay that moment in your head several times and even go back to the piece that got you the compliment to read it again.

13. You Believe You Can Be Better

Whenever you read something you admire, you know that you can write something even better. Sometimes, you try to imitate the style, but soon you find your own voice and improve.

14. You Launch into a Writing Frenzy

Writer’s block hits you, and you stare at a blank page for a while. And suddenly, you start scribbling furiously, unable to stop because you’re chasing your thoughts.

15. You Never Stop Writing

Even if you had the busiest job in the world, you’d always find time to write. Writing is a passion that is always with you, even while you sleep.

Doubting your ability to write is normal. Even great writers like Stephen King once felt that their writing was terrible. But he still went on to write some of the best novels. You’re not alone, and you’re unique and special. You’re a writer!

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