15 Mind-Blowing Experiences Exclusive to Those with Sisters

Sisterhood: 15 Reasons Why Sisters Are the Best Companions

When your sister leaves the home and moves on to her new world you can’t help but miss her and wish she was a part of your world forever. She did so much for you that it is impossible not to cherish the memorable moments. Whether it was when she took charge of the kitchen or when she babysat you, you had a gladdening bond with her. That is why it is so difficult not to understand certain things when you have a sister. Here are 15 reasons why sisters are the best companions.

1. Brutally Honest

Sisters are brutally honest with you. If you are not well dressed or you have been played unfairly, they will tell you just the way it is. They were so brutally honest that you felt they were some sort of angel watching over you. They really did know how to throw those stiff words at you to make you always self-aware.

2. Seen Your Good, Bad and Ugly Moments

They have seen your good, bad and ugly moments. They won’t judge you. They accepted you for you are, from your flaws to your strengths. They could relate with who you were whether during your up or your down times.

3. Emotional Souls

There is something about having a feminine to lean on when there are challenging times. They would always be there to listen. And they did it with so much emotion and depth.

4. Offer the Greatest Hugs

Perhaps even better hugs than you will get from your parents. They always have the sweetest cuddles and they know just the perfect moment to offer it to you.

5. First Line of Defense

Somehow they always have your back. Perhaps they just relish the role of screening every other person that will come into your life.

6. Crack the Best Jokes

Yes, jokes about family members and neighbors who are weird. They seemed to have a rounder perspective of everyone around you, and they made some humor out of it.

7. Your Number One Motivational Speaker

Yes, they were your number one cheerleader and motivator. They really knew how to fire you up even when the odds were stacked against you.

8. Share Everything with You

They shared their closet with you. They didn’t make you ever feel alone. They wanted you to always have that sense of belonging, that indeed you had someone who you could count on.

9. Never Looked Down on You

Actually, they made you feel like the grown-up one because they were the ones who always took the blame rather than you. And if you had to take blame, you made them partake in the hurting too.

10. Always Had an Answer to Your Problems

It may not be the best solution available, but they will never allow you to deal with a problem alone. They would offer some advice or a way out of your challenges.

11. Know When You Are Lying

They could read you like a book. They understood all your body patterns and will tell you to your face that you are bullshitting if you are.

12. Your Number One Confidante

They listened to your dirty little stories and knew those dirty secrets you will never tell anyone. Somehow you felt they would never betray you, and they never did.

13. Never Forget Your Special Days

Yea, they would surprise you on special days, your graduation day, or your birthday. They would not only remember such days and moments; they also made them special.

14. Fight for Simple Things

When you had disputes, it was about little things. It was either about who was going to take out the trash or who got the best toys.

15. Never Hold Grudges

Fights came and went. They never stayed. It was difficult for them to stop talking to you or not being there for you. They were always willing to let go and move on with you.

In conclusion, sisters are the best companions. They may not always get it right, but they will always try. They have seen you grow from a baby to a toddler to an adult. They have been with you in times of success and in times of failure. They have always been there to support, love, and care for you. Cherish your bond with your sister and make sure she knows how much you appreciate her.

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