“15 Inside Jokes Only New Moms Get – Do You Relate? 🤣”

The Unique Experience of Being a New Mom: 15 Things Only You Can Understand

Dirty nappies, constant sleep deprivation, and never having time for yourself – most people would think you are mad to be a parent! They just don’t get it, and the fact is that as a new mom there are certain things that only you can understand.

Here are 15 things in particular that you are bound to relate to if you recently had your first child:

1. You worry about everything

With new moms, you are constantly aware of the dangers and hazards that surround you at every turn. Even watching your child in the pool can get you worried as you think about the dangers children face in the water.

2. You forget what it’s like to get your 8 hours

6 hours uninterrupted sleep is now heaven. Gone are the days where you used to have a full 8 hours most nights – they are so far behind you that you often forget what it feels like to be completely rested. Just the thought of 8 hours makes you feel like superwoman!

3. You are all too familiar with fear

Fear is something that is part of your everyday life. There are a lot of ‘firsts’ involved with being a new mom, and while you are constantly fearful, you always have the strength to do what needs to be done.

4. You can’t stand to see your child sad

A little bit inside of you dies when you see your child sad. Whether it’s because they fell over in the park or their favorite teddy bear has been misplaced, you feel terrible that you can’t provide a quick solution to turn that frown upside down.

5. You always put your child first

Overnight you have become one selfless human being. You put your needs so far behind your child’s that they are almost non-existent in your mind.

6. You never have enough time in the day

Between getting to the shop to buy food supplies, changing your child, and the million other things on your to-do list, it can often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. That being said, you feel as if you achieve something significant every day, and that is one fantastic feeling!

7. You watch your child while they sleep

You love your child so much that you’ll often find yourself watching them sleep, even just for a minute. It is impossible not to savor the peace and quiet, but at the same time, you look forward to what the next day brings.

8. You treasure every moment

You have a newfound appreciation for life, and the camera is your best friend. Even a trip to the supermarket is a chance for you to take photos of your child and savor the memories. Somehow in the back of your mind, you know that the teenage years will rapidly creep up on you.

9. You know that your child isn’t perfect

While you would never tell anyone, you know deep down that your child isn’t perfect… but they are as close as you can get!

10. You count down the days to when you can fit in your regular clothes again

Pregnancy is over, but you still can’t fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes. You’ll try all the diets and exercise in the world, but you just haven’t quite got there yet.

11. You have a humongous appetite

All of a sudden, you have a humungous appetite – you’ll even find yourself secretly nibbling at a bag of crisps as you prepare dinner for yourself and the family.

12. You don’t get offered a seat on public transport any more

You liked having a guaranteed seat on public transport when you were pregnant, but for some reason, people don’t readily give up their seat for you any more, and you often find yourself standing during busy hours like a regular person.

13. You have no idea what’s going on in your neighborhood

You used to love a good chin wag to find out what was going on in your neighborhood, but all of a sudden, you are out of the loop. You now have to rely solely on Facebook to get your dose of the local gossip.

14. You have to listen to your child-free friends talk about their weekends

Your friends who don’t have children talk about going for weekend breaks or a night out on the town, and you pretend not to be envious. For a second, you feel jealous of their freedom, but then you realize that you have something so much more rewarding in your life.

15. You wouldn’t swap it for the world

Despite any perceived disadvantages, you wouldn’t swap your life for the world.

Being a new mom is an experience that is unique and entirely your own. The ups and downs of parenthood are something that only you can understand, and they are what make this time in your life so special. While it may be challenging at times, the love that you have for your child outweighs any hardship that comes your way.

Motherhood is an emotional rollercoaster ride, and the bond that you share with your child is one that will last a lifetime. It’s a feeling of pride and love that only a mother can understand, and it’s one that makes all of the long nights and dirty nappies entirely worth it.

So, while you may not have all the answers, and while you may not always get things right, you are doing the best that you can do. Being a new mom is an experience that will change you in ways that you never thought possible, and it’s one that you will cherish forever. Embrace the challenges that come your way and treasure every moment with your little one – because before long, they will be all grown up, and you’ll be wondering where all the time went!