“15 Effective Ways to Boost Your Reading Motivation Quickly and Easily”

Reading is an activity that can help one escape the daily grind and attain many benefits such as stress reduction, memory improvement, vocabulary expansion, and improved concentration and focus. However, many people find it hard to allocate time for reading and lack motivation to pick up books from their shelves. In this article, we will explore 15 ways to help you read more, learn more, and grow faster.

1. Define Your Purpose for Reading

Before starting to read a book, it is essential to ask yourself why you are reading it. Understanding your reading purpose helps you eliminate books that you don’t need to read and motivates you to complete the book faster. Your purpose could be either pleasure or knowledge.

2. Read Only What You Are Attracted To

It is essential to enjoy what you read. Do not read books that your friends recommend but that may not be your type. Instead, find books that spark your interest and curiosity, and you will find yourself reading them faster.

3. Feel Free to Skip Pages

Do not feel guilty about skipping pages. It is more productive to move through boring or irrelevant parts more quickly, and you won’t waste time reading something that doesn’t serve you.

4. Give Up Books That You Don’t Enjoy

If you are not enjoying a book as you read, give up on it. Reading shouldn’t be a chore. Giving up books that you don’t enjoy reading frees up your time for books that you would enjoy.

5. Set a Reading Goal

Having a reading goal helps you figure out how much you need to read per week or per day. Set a goal that challenges you but is achievable. Having a reading goal allows you to strategize how much time you need to allocate each day for reading and helps you decide what information you need from each book.

6. Give Yourself a Deadline to Complete Each Book

Before you start reading a book, decide when you need to finish it. Having a deadline creates a sense of urgency, and when something is urgent, you tend to procrastinate less.

7. Make Reading a Part of Your Daily Routine

Allocate a fixed time to read each day, and it will become part of your routine. This reduces procrastination and makes reading less of a hassle.

8. Prepare Your Reading List in Advance

Always have the next book ready to keep your reading momentum. You save time by knowing what your next book is and not wasting unnecessary time trying to find it.

9. Use Your Free Time

Read in the morning before work or at night when winding down. You won’t get caught up in daily distractions at these times. Try carrying a book with you wherever you go; use free time during the day to catch up on your reading.

10. Find a Quiet Place

Reading requires focus and concentration. Find a quiet place where you feel comfortable reading, away from any external noise. This increases your comprehension while minimizing the need to reread previous pages and paragraphs.

11. Get Some Context First, If Possible

If possible, watch the trailer, read the synopsis, or follow online content provided by the author before starting to read a book. You may be able to get into the author’s world much faster, enabling you to generate more interest in the book and motivate you to read further.

12. Read for Meaning, Not Words

Reading a book word by word isn’t an effective way to read. Reading word by word is boring unless you are reading to appreciate the author’s use of language. Instead, scan the page with your eyes and pick up words that help you form meanings.

13. Read in Layers

Read your book with multiple passes, especially if it is non-fiction. Instead of reading your book once through in detail, read your book in layers. Your first pass could be just browsing the book, reading the content page, and some of the headers to get the overall big picture. Then, zoom in on specific sections of the book you need more detail from.

14. Use Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great way to read more while doing other activities like cooking, cleaning, or exercising. You can listen to audiobooks while driving, waiting in queues, or walking, ultimately increasing your reading time.

15. Join a Book Club

Joining a book club can be a great way to increase your reading motivation while discovering new books, making new friends, and engaging in lively discussions. Book club members pick a book to read and set a deadline to discuss it. Book clubs inject enthusiasm into reading and help you read more.

In conclusion, reading has benefits that many people appreciate. Unfortunately, reading is treated as a hobby that can be easily sacrificed to more “urgent” tasks. This article has highlighted 15 ways to help you read more, learn more and grow faster. By reading for pleasure or knowledge and using free time, setting reading goals and deadlines, knowing when to give up on books, and finding quiet places, you can increase your motivation for reading and achieve your reading goals.

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