“14 Essential Lessons Fathers Teach Their Daughters About Finding Mr. Right”

Being the Father Your Daughter Deserves: 14 Qualities Her Boyfriend Should Have

As a father, it is important to ask yourself if you possess the qualities that your daughter deserves to see in her boyfriend and future husband. By being the change you want to see in her life, you can help her make better choices when it comes to relationships. Here are some of the qualities that every daughter deserves to see in her boyfriend:

1. Respectful – Every daughter deserves a boyfriend who treats her as an equal partner in the relationship and with respect. As a father, you always treat your daughter with respect, so why not expect that from her boyfriend as well?

2. Belief in Her Dreams – Every woman deserves a boyfriend who believes in her and her dreams. As a father, it is important to help your daughter achieve her goals, even if they are different from yours. She needs a partner who will do the same.

3. Values Her Opinions – A great example a father can set is teaching his daughter how to form her own opinions and to not just accept someone else’s. By doing things together, like discussing an issue that she is facing, you can show her that you believe in her ability to have a great conversation.

4. Trustworthy – If a daughter cannot trust her father, the relationship with her is doomed. Thus, it is important to establish trust so that the daughter will expect her boyfriend to be trustworthy as well.

5. Good with Kids – Father who loves kids and knows how to interact with them only makes the daughter or a partner confident that he will be a great father in the future as well.

6. Constructive Criticism – There will be times that a daughter will make bad decisions. It is important that during such moments, fathers are bold enough to tell the truth, even if it is not what she wants to hear. This will help her stay on track with her goals and help her make better decisions in the future.

7. Smart and Hardworking – A father should set an example by teaching his daughter how to work hard and smart. It is important to show your daughter that a man should work hard, but also work smart.

8. Admits being Wrong – Fathers should admit their mistakes and accept them. It is even better if they are quick to admit them. This teaches daughters that admitting a mistake is easy, and that it is better to be honest about it.

9. Treasures and Protects – A father protects his daughter like no other. It is important to choose a boyfriend who treasures and protects her in the same way. She should have a special place in his life, just as she does in her father’s life.

10. Good Listener – Having a boyfriend who is a great listener is like hitting a home run. In today’s world, we often do not listen attentively because our attention span is so short. Finding a boyfriend who can listen and communicate effectively is key.

11. Serious When Needed – Life is never only about fun and games; sometimes, it requires seriousness to achieve certain goals. A father can be seen as an example to his daughter by concentrating on resolving difficult times like financial difficulties.  A boyfriend who plays all the time without taking anything seriously has nothing to offer.

12. Treats Her Like a Queen – Fathers set a standard with not only how they treat their daughters but how they treat their wives. A daughter can learn from this standard what they should expect from their lover.

13. Multi-Dimensional – Fathers can set an example by playing dolls, dress up, and allowing their daughters to paint their nails, etc. It shows that there is a time and place for everything – to be strong, protective, and gentle – without feeling like there is a threat to his manhood.

14. Values Inner Beauty – Women should not be defined by their physical appearance or ability to please their boyfriends. Worth should never be based on these metrics, and a boyfriend who values this is a keeper.


Every father wants the best for their daughter, so they need to set an example for her of what love and partnership should look like. By being the change you want to see and possessing the qualities above, your daughter will be able to identify what a good boyfriend looks like, and choose the partner that will respect, cherish, and value her.

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