“12 Proven Ways to Explore New York City on a Tight Budget”

How to Enjoy New York on a Budget: Tips and Tricks

After just having returned from a month in New York, I am definitely in love with the city. The big problem is that the Big Apple is also certainly a place that will take a big bite out of your savings if you ever decide to go there. However, I managed to not only love every minute of my time but to also leave without a mountain of debt to face. Here are some easy-to-follow tips for you to be able to do the same thing.

New York Living

Accommodation will almost certainly be your biggest outgoing. The best solution is to find a place through a friend. Getting somewhere for free is a real long-shot, but it is not impossible. Utilize your social media channels to tell people where you going and when.

If you can’t find a friend to give you a hand, check out Craigslist. Americans use this a lot more than the rest of the world and you can often find better deals than those that appear on Airbnb. If you don’t mind sharing, there are also quite a lot of decent hostel options.

Embrace Deli Culture

Delis are the best way to eat really well without burning a hole in your pocket. Eating out in New York is incredibly expensive by European standards. With most supermarket products also being a lot more expensive than they are in all of the other places I’ve ever been in my life, a good deli is a perfect place to get yourself some freshly made food at a price that isn’t going to want you to start missing meals to save cash.


New York is enormous and the underground service whilst being extensive is almost pretty jam-packed and quite pricey at $2.75 per trip. For me, one of the most enjoyable ways to truly experience the city was to walk for miles through its endless streets. Clocking up the miles on foot is also great for your health.

Culture Vulture Tips and Tricks

New York is arguably the most important city in the world. For this reason, it’s also home to some of the best art that can be found anywhere. Unlike London, where almost all museums are free, in New York, you have to pay your way. This is annoying if you’re on a budget, but it’s not completely true.

The majority of the major museums do have admission fees, but in brackets, you will see that the stated price is only the “suggested” one that you should pay. If you are not flush with money, there is absolutely no shame in paying the person on the ticket office exactly what you can genuinely afford to pay.

Another huge advantage that culture vultures have in New York is that this is a city where the art world is also incredibly active in terms of buying and selling. This means that in Chelsea you will find gallery after gallery featuring works by some of the world’s greatest living and deceased artists in small exhibitions that are completely free of charge to enter.

Enjoy Your Trip to the Fullest

In conclusion, New York is an incredible place to visit, but it can put a serious dent in your wallet if you’re not careful. However, if you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy the city just as much as I did without having to break the bank. Happy travels!

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