“12 Must-Have Tools for Achieving Life Goals and Making a Positive Impact”

Apps and Websites That Help with Goal Achievement

Setting goals is an important part of personal and professional growth. However, achieving those goals can be difficult without the right tools and support. In this article, we will discuss 12 mobile apps or websites that can help people do good and reach their life goals.

1. Accompl.sh: Founded by Jenn Vargas, Accompl.sh is a goal-setting app that helps users hold themselves accountable. It allows members to enter into personal challenges together or share their goals with one another to enhance the impact of the site as well. Accompl.sh makes former pen-and-paper bucket lists more effective and helps users achieve their goals.

2. Fig: Fig is a personal wellness app that breaks down big wellness goals or ideas into bite-size steps and provides relevant resources. Fig is designed to help users reach their ideal life with a community of people that matter to them. Currently, Fig is in private beta but will be available soon.

3. Digital Nomad Academy: The Digital Nomad Academy helps struggling nine-to-fivers build meaningful, sustainable online businesses. Their goal is to help these professionals take responsibility for themselves while creating enjoyable lifestyles that allow them to travel and spend their time more freely. The academy has a community of over 130 ambitious lifehackers and travelers on five continents.

4. CouchSurfing: CouchSurfing is a platform that connects travelers with locals and allows them to stay in their homes for free. It enables people to meet awesome people, learn about different cultures, and save money through its mobile app. Since its launch, CouchSurfing has helped entrepreneurs meet hundreds of people from all over the world.

5. DoSomething.org: DoSomething.org is a website that offers children and young adults aged 25 and younger the chance to sign up for organized volunteer projects in their community. The site offers grants to launch projects and provides financial assistance for college to its members. DoSomething.org promotes giving and volunteerism in communities.

6. Wonderful day: Wonderful day is a mobile app that encourages users to set goals and keep track of achievements. The app allows users to see how consistently they perform a specific task, which motivates them to do more regularly. This app is suitable for users who want to measure their progress and stay motivated.

7. Location Rebel: Location Rebel is a community that helps people build a business that allows them to work from anywhere and complete their bucket list. The website has a significant “bucket list” component designed to keep users accountable and maintain their perspective on what they want to achieve.

8. Pinterest: Pinterest is a social media platform that enables users to share and discover new ideas. It’s often used for tracking and expressing an ideal version of oneself. Pinterest has become popular as it provides ideas on cooking, travel, decorating, and much more.

9. Mightybell: Mightybell is a social networking platform that creates spaces around the users’ interests and passions. Users can join spaces to achieve specific life goals or plan adventures. The app has a bucket list space, spaces for globetrotters, reading lists for book lovers, and more. Users can start a space for their friends or community around a common thing they want to learn, explore, or achieve.

10. StickK: StickK is a goal-setting app that binds users to achieving their goals by creating an official “commitment contract.” By agreeing to the contract, users publicly state their goals and commit to achieving them. Users can put money at stake, which increases the likelihood of completing the goal. If unsuccessful, the money can go to something like a political group despised, which provides even more motivation.

11. Lift: Lift is a goal-tracking app backed by the founders of Twitter. The app is deceivingly simple but powerful, helping users achieve their fitness, health, happiness, and everything goals. Lift is user-friendly and has a supportive user base.

12. Bucket List PRO: Bucket List PRO is a mobile app that allows users to keep track of their bucket list items and share them with friends. Users can check out other peoples’ lists for inspiration. Bucket List PRO is an excellent app for users who want to keep track of their life goals in a fun and comprehensive way.


In conclusion, mobile apps and websites are helping people achieve their life goals. These apps and websites contain features that provide motivation, accountability, and support for users. Incorporating these apps and websites into daily routines can help users reach their goals and achieve their aspirations.

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