“12 Common Hurdles Faced by Administrative Assistants – Overcome Them Like a Pro!”

Administrative Assistant: The Unsung Heroes of the Workplace

Administrative Assistants play a pivotal role in almost every industry, yet their efforts are often overlooked. They are the backbone of the office, the unsung heroes that keep everything organized and running smoothly. Administrative Assistants often have to deal with difficult personalities, do jobs that aren’t included in their job description, and clean up after everyone. Despite their immense workload and importance in the office, they are often underpaid and undervalued.

Administrative Assistants are the multi-taskers of the workplace. They can handle anything that comes their way and do it with a charming personality. However, they are often forced to deal with difficult personalities. They are the ones that have to calm down an angry co-worker or client and make them feel better about the company. They have a quick wit about them and the right words to diffuse a heated situation.

Although administrative assistants have advanced skills, their position is often viewed as a starting position with no growth potential. However, administrative assistants take pride in the work they do, feeling humbled to be able to contribute to the growth of the company. They view their career as professional, and even with the long hours and heavy workload they still maintain a professional attitude.

Administrative assistants have to deal with the mess left behind by colleagues in the office. They are the ones that have to clean up after everyone, picking up discarded banana peels and empty candy wrappers. They usually resort to putting up posters and signs to remind the culprits that good office hygiene is important. Administrative assistants have a nurturing attitude, but they are not your personal housekeepers.

Administrative assistants are the go-to person when anything goes wrong at the office. They have to fix anything and everything even if they are not IT Technicians. They have to deal with internet problems, connect employees to network printers and even help with software. In addition to this, they have to take care of filing paperwork and answering multiple phone lines. Despite not being skilled at being an electrician or plumber, they have the ability to solve any problem through their sharp problem-solving skills and physical abilities.

Despite not being included in some meetings and private conversations, they are expected to know everything that goes on in the office. They have to master the art of eavesdropping and piecing bits of information together to gain the right answers. They know more information than most employees, even though they are not part of the decision making process.

Administrative assistants are often blamed for anything that goes wrong in the office. Even though they are not the decision makers, they are held responsible when things go awry. To avoid being targeted or blamed, they log their day’s work and create a visible paper trail to cover their schedule from start to end.

Administrative assistants have to always be available. They are expected to cater to every need of their co-workers, even while they are eating. They have to be prepared for anything, without taking into account their personal time or breaks. They learn to make judgment calls based on the urgency of situations, but they never say no despite how busy they may be.

Administrative assistants have to manage their workload efficiently, but most of the time they have to deal with additional paperwork that colleagues forget and leave in their inboxes. They have to categorize and prioritize everything that comes their way all while keeping up with their regular work.

Administrative assistants have no privacy at work. They are in-charge of stationery, passwords, keys, and even the candy drawer. To keep their personal and professional life separate, they have to develop homes for all company property which is outside their personal bubble. They keep anything personal, such as car keys, cell phones, and wallets locked up in an opposing corner.

Administrative assistants don’t have the same opportunity for physical activity as other employees. They spend long hours on their desks, multitasking to make sure everything is done on time. However, they can find the time to refresh themselves with a short walk outside during their lunch or by taking short breaks in between tasks.

Administrative assistants are sometimes the butt of office jokes. When they make a mistake, they are sometimes mocked by their colleagues for the rest of the day. However, they can handle it and laugh it off, learning from their mistakes and admitting their flaws.

The status of an Administrative Assistant’s position is often debatable, and sometimes they are paid far less than what they deserve. Despite the work-load of a hundred people, they are sometimes paid as if they are at the bottom of the totem pole. Employers sometimes forget how much their administrative assistants have done for the company, and they should be appreciated regularly.

In conclusion, Administrative Assistants are the backbone of the workplace, and their efforts are often overlooked. Despite their immense workload and importance in the office, they are often undervalued and underpaid. Their charming personalities and ability to handle anything that comes their way are what makes them the unsung heroes of the office. They are the heart of the office, and their work helps the company grow and flourish.

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