“11 Surprising Ways Your Life Changes After Hitting 30”

10 Things that Change When You Turn 30: A Perspective of Adulthood

Turning 30 is often seen as a milestone, symbolizing the entry into “real adulthood”. At 20, future goals are aspired upon, and 30 seems so distant and ‘old’. However, as individuals reach their 30s, certain events and lifestyle changes become apparent. Below are 10 changes that occur when you reach the 30-year milestone:

1. Hangovers: A Real Thing
Hangovers in your 20s were a myth, but in your 30s, they become very much real. The torture lasts for 2 days and brings along nausea, headaches, and the famous quote “I am too old for this s**t”. On the bright side, you learn to enjoy drinks, especially wine, and learn to get a little drunk, which will make you happy rather than regretting your whole life.

2. Wild Nightlife: A Night In
As you learn to love good wine and can afford expensive drinks instead of cheap ones, you stop tolerating people who yell, drink a lot, and party till the morning. Crowded places, where the biggest challenge is getting to the bar and ordering drinks, are replaced with a night in with your partner or friends, drinking wine, having dinner, and watching films.

3. Food Choices: A Limitation
Your metabolism and digestive system may have failed you, but eating healthy food and exercising will pay off. Gaining weight becomes easier, as well as getting cellulite. So, start exercising and eating healthier which doesn’t mean eating a cheeseburger at 2 AM.

4. Wrinkles: Wrinkles Everywhere
Wrinkles don’t make you ugly, but they will be the first sign of becoming an adult. You cannot stop time, but you can accept aging gracefully. Real wrinkles come later, and they won’t be important.

5. Grey Hair: The Takeover
In your twenties, there may have been a few grey hairs, but you could just pluck them out. However, when you turn 30, those grey hairs get to work on taking over your whole head. Plucking isn’t an option anymore. Since you have a job, you can afford an expensive and professional hairdresser who can create the perfect hairstyle and ensure that your hair color is spot-on.

6. Planning Events: Advanced Planning
Till recently, going with the flow was your event-planning motto, and planning was basically posting an update about the event. However, those days are gone. Now, you send invitations and carefully plan the details.

7. Social Media Feed: Full of Baby Photos… and You Like It
The photos appearing in your newsfeed changed from wild parties to babies, but you don’t mind it at all. You may complain or make sarcastic comments, but deep inside, you know that you like those cute baby pictures.

8. Personal Growth: Figuring Things Out
By the time you turn 30, you still won’t have figured things out, but at least you’ll know what you want and how to get it. You don’t get easily offended, and you know how to stand up for yourself.

9. Small Circle of Friends: Loving Unconditionally
Going out with 10 friends is a thing of the past, and you don’t tolerate random people that annoy you. You will finally learn to appreciate those few real friends that you have and love them unconditionally.

10. Travel: Beyond Top Destinations
In your thirties, you can afford nice rooms, eating in restaurants, and traveling with style. Moreover, traveling has expanded beyond top destinations and includes short weekend trips to the countryside where you recharge your batteries.

Turning 30 symbolizes a significant milestone, marking the entry into “real adulthood”. As individuals reach their 30s, certain lifestyle changes become apparent where partying and wild nightlife no longer sounds as thrilling as they used to be. Despite the changes, being 30 comes with its advantages as individuals learn to appreciate simple things like spending quality time with loved ones and taking time off to recharge. The thirties are often a time of personal growth and exploration, with new knowledge and experience as individuals embark on their journey of adulthood.

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