“11 Surprising Reasons You’re Destined to Fail (and How to Fix Them)”

11 Habits That Will Sabotage Your Success

Success defined as ‘happiness’ might be subjective, but there are habits that can sabotage your journey towards it. Here are eleven things that will always make you fail:

1. Your Self-Worth is Low
Many people have a low sense of self-worth, which prevents them from offering their unique talents and gifts to the world. Love yourself and never forget that you are valuable and perfect in your own way.

2. Lack of Self-Discipline
Having a dream is fantastic, but watching way too much television, scrolling through social media for hours, or surfing the net will not make it a reality. To achieve any goal, it is necessary to take consistent action in the same direction that requires self-discipline.

3. Chasing Perfection
There is no such thing as perfection; stop chasing it. Instead, start focusing on being happy because if you keep chasing something that is unattainable, you will never be content in your mind.

4. Negative Self-Talk
The inner world reflects the outer world, and negative self-talk can mirror in our behavior. Monitor your self-talk, change the negative talk into positive, and watch your life improve.

5. Blaming Others for Your Circumstances
Personal responsibility is the key to success. Blaming others for your lack of success will not change anything, whereas taking personal responsibility for your life and attitude can make a difference.

6. Seeking Approval from Others
Getting approval is excellent, but not at the cost of losing your intuition. Follow your gut, listen to your inner voice, and never pay heed to negative opinions.

7. Fear of Making Mistakes
If you haven’t tried, you have already failed. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

8. Unhealthy Relationships
Toxic relationships are self-destructing, and if you keep surrounding yourself with emotionally unhealthy people, how are you supposed to be healthy and succeed?

9. Unwise Spending
Impulse buying, not saving or budgeting money can lead to a bleak future, and it can stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Think before you spend.

10. Wasting Time
Spending time doing things that contribute nothing positive to your future can lead to failure. Instead, educate yourself by reading books and making a move towards a better future.

11. No Plan to Follow Your Dreams
Having a passion for something is amazing, but without a step-by-step plan, it can lead to wandering aimlessly and never getting where you ultimately want to go.

The Bottom Line

Self-awareness and action will lead to success. If you recognize these habits, make some necessary changes today. Remember, success is subjective, and you define it yourself. Good luck and cheers to your success!

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