“11 Essential Life Lessons You Should Teach Your Daughter Before She Turns 12”

12 Important Life Lessons for a 12-Year-Old: A Letter from a Parent

As a parent, it’s natural to want to protect your child from the harsh realities of the world. However, as they grow older and become more independent, they will inevitably encounter challenges and difficult situations. As your child turns 12, it’s a good time to impart some important life lessons that will help guide them through the ups and downs of life. Here are 14 important pieces of advice to share with your child.

1. Don’t entrust yourself to men – or women, for that matter

You don’t need anyone to complete you. While it’s essential to love others, don’t make them little fake gods whose presence you need or worship. You are a complete human being without anyone by your side.

2. Follow your bliss

Don’t spend your life slaving away at a career you hate. Instead, use your talents and follow your passions. You’ll find more fulfillment and joy when you pursue what truly makes you happy.

3. Be kind…

Kindness is a powerful force in this world. Not only does it make others feel better, but it also makes you feel better. Remember that mean people are ugly, so always strive to be kind and compassionate.

4. Don’t be angry or overly passive

It’s essential to find a balance between being sweet and forgiving and not being a shrinking violet. Don’t let disappointment consume you, but don’t be afraid to speak up when necessary.

5. Stay away from debt

It’s essential to avoid getting in over your head with debt. Don’t use shopping as a means to fulfill unfulfilled needs, and you won’t have to worry about debt consolidation later.

6. Don’t dull yourself down for anyone

Embrace your uniqueness and shine on. Don’t let haters bring you down, and remember to pray for your enemies.

7. Speak your mind

Let no one rob you of your unique voice. Speak up for what you believe in and don’t be afraid to share your opinions.

8. Listen more than you talk

It’s essential to learn how to listen actively. Listening is a skill that will serve you well throughout your life, and you’ll gain more knowledge by listening than by talking.

9. Smile

Smiling is a simple yet effective way to make yourself and others feel better. Remember that it makes us all look better.

10. Don’t run towards danger

It’s easy to be drawn to the exciting and volatile people, but the safe and stable ones are the better choice. Don’t mistake intensity for intimacy and stay away from violent and dangerous people.

11. Remember hygiene is really important for women

Personal hygiene is essential for everyone, but it’s particularly important for women. Always practice good hygiene habits, and don’t neglect your health.

12. Gravitate towards those people who make you happy

People who make you feel good are the ones you want to spend time with. Focus on building positive relationships with those who are kind and supportive, and avoid anyone who makes you feel bad or leaves you with negative thoughts.

13. Try, try again

Never give up on your dreams. Success may not come overnight, but persistence and dedication will help you achieve your goals eventually.

14. Be different

Embrace your uniqueness and be yourself. Don’t try to fit into someone else’s mold or copy another’s persona. You’re your own snowflake, so let it shine.

In conclusion, parenting is an ongoing journey that presents new challenges at every turn, but by sharing these important life lessons with your child, you can help prepare them for success in all aspects of their life.

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