10 Ways “Zombies, Run!” Elevates Your Running Experience beyond Monotony

How Running Can Be Made Fun and Motivating with Zombies, Run!

Let’s face it, running on the street can be a dull experience. We usually end up following a fixed route, and it doesn’t take long to lose our sense of purpose or desire to push ourselves. However, there is a way to make your running experience fun, motivating, and even scary – all at the same time!

Introducing “Zombies, Run!” – an app that uses game play to motivate you to get (and keep) running! Created by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman, the app has gained over one million players and is now the most successful smartphone fitness game available.

The unique features of “Zombies, Run!” are what make it incredibly popular. It’s an ultra-immersive running game that takes you on an audio adventure, where you’re the hero of your very own zombie adventure story. As you run, you’re chased by zombies, and the better you perform, the sooner you collect valuable emergency supplies. The app even allows you to incorporate your own playlist, so you can customize your running experience to your personal taste.

Why “Zombies, Run!” is the Ultimate Running Companion

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the functionalities of the “Zombies, Run!” app and show you how it can bring excitement and motivation to your daily runs.

How does the app work?

You can use the app when walking, jogging, or running, and it works anywhere in the world. To get started, you need to download the app to your smartphone and choose one of the available missions. You’re free to choose your background music, and then you head out onto the streets.

As you run, you’re warned when zombies are 100 meters behind you and closing in fast. Your objective is to complete the mission while being chased by zombies along the way. The app also uses GPS to track your distance, speed, and time – allowing you to keep track of your runs and improve your performance over time.

How do I set routes and difficulties?

To set routes and difficulties, you need to authorize the app to track you using GPS. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be presented with a map of your local area. Then, you choose the first mission you want to embark on and brace yourself for the adventure that awaits.

Each mission has a story clip that introduces you to the task ahead. As the mission progresses, you’ll receive audio prompts and alerts that create an immersive, adrenaline-pumping experience.

How do I unlock missions?

As you complete each mission, you’ll earn valuable supplies that are distributed to different sections of your community base. This improves the buildings, and ultimately, ensures that new missions are unlocked for you.

Interestingly, as you progress through the missions, you also attract more survivors who join your community. You can keep track of the number of survivors via the ‘population’ sign – a feature that keeps you engaged and wanting to play on.

Can I personalize the app?

Yes! Personalization is key to the “Zombies, Run!” app. As mentioned earlier, you can choose your background music from your own playlist. You can also pause missions, and, at the end of a mission, continue running while listening to your music.

Additionally, the app has an interval training feature that allows you to customize your runs according to your fitness goals. You can also share your results online with ZombieLink – the app’s dedicated social platform.

How can the app aid my fitness goals?

“Zombies, Run!” is more than just a game. The app is designed to help you improve your fitness by making your runs more exciting and intense. Running with the app enables you to push yourself harder, and the adrenaline rush of being chased by zombies keeps you engaged and motivated.

The app allows you to keep track of your progress, both through the supply collections and GPS tracking features. Additionally, with more than 200 missions available, the app offers you endless possibilities to improve your fitness and enjoy your runs.

Final thoughts

“Zombies, Run!” is a free-to-play app available for the App Store and Google Play. In-app purchases include unlocking all 200+ action-packed missions (the first four are free). Head over to the official “Zombies, Run!” website for more information on the game and the download links that are relevant for your operating system.

If you need a motivation boost for your running routine, give “Zombies, Run!” a try. With its unique features and immersive game play, you’ll be running faster and farther than ever before – all while escaping the clutches of bloodthirsty zombies.

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