“10 Ways NeatMobile Empowers Your Android Device for a Paperless Lifestyle”

Neat Brings Paperless Lifestyle to Android with NeatMobile

As we move forward in the age of digital technology, going paperless has become an essential part of our daily routine. No more keeping piles of paper lying around, no more filing cabinets – everything is now stored digitally. However, going paperless can be quite challenging, especially regarding handling incoming paper items.

One of the most significant challenges in going paperless is often dealing with incoming paper items that show up throughout our day. These items may include receipts, important information written down, printouts from meetings, and more. Typically, these items do not make it into our digital filing system until we collect them, put them in an inbox, and process and scan them later.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options available that can help you go paperless, and The Neat Company has taken another significant step forward in making this possible with the release of NeatMobile for Android.


NeatMobile is a newly released application launched by Neat that allows its digital filing system users to capture all the documents they may need or want to file while on the go. With this app, users no longer have to worry about collecting paper to scan later; they can simply pull out their Android phone, scan the item, and save it for later filing, or file it instantly through Neat’s NeatCloud.

One of the most significant advantages of using NeatMobile is that it can be with you anywhere and everywhere, making it easier to go paperless. This feature is particularly useful for users who are looking to take the paperless lifestyle to its ultimate end.

Capture on the Go:

NeatMobile allows users to scan documents with their phone and make a readable image. This feature is similar to other apps for iPhone and Android, such as JotNot Pro and Document Scanner.

The main difference between these apps and NeatMobile is that NeatMobile is a part of the Neat Digital Filing System ecosystem, providing a more complete experience.


Going paperless has become a significant trend in recent years, and The Neat Company is continually innovating and improving its products to offer the best experience for its users. NeatMobile is an excellent addition to the Neat family of digital filing products, and it moves Neat to the forefront of the personal paperless revolution.

The Lifehack team is a staunch proponent of going paperless, and we have talked about this topic extensively in the past. If you are looking for a way to dive into the paperless lifestyle, using The Neat Company’s products may be one of the best ways to start.

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