10 Ways Growing Up Makes You Emotionally Numb – No. 3 Will Shock You!

Rediscovering Your Inner Child: Breaking Free from the Confines of Adulthood

Growing up is tough, and we’ve all heard that phrase countless times before. As children, we long to become adults, thinking that it’s the answer to all of life’s problems. Yet, once we have reached adulthood, we often find ourselves feeling indifferent about the journey. We no longer experience the child-like excitement over new toys or the simple joys of everyday life. Instead, we become preoccupied with the expectations of maturity and often find ourselves feeling confined and limited in our thinking.

From a Curious Child to an Indifferent Adult

As children, we are naturally curious about the world around us. We find the smallest things, such as a flower or a bird, to be entertaining and fascinating. We do not care about what others think, as our understanding of the world is incomplete. Imagination and fun are at the forefront of our minds, and curiosity is the name of the game.

However, as we grow older, the idea of self-control creeps in, and we are taught to focus more on ourselves and our actions. Society expects us to be self-aware of the consequences of our thoughts and how others perceive us. This self-awareness can cause us to lose our child-like wonder, and we often become indifferent to things that once fascinated us. Even if we want to enjoy a good street performer, the fear of what others might think causes us to hold back. We never give ourselves the permission to enjoy the small things in life that once brought us so much joy.

The Confined Mind is a Limited Mind

As adults, we often limit ourselves to real logic, and we become afraid of being considered abnormal. We act on autopilot, based on what we have been told is correct, in order to stay comfortable and avoid being seen as an outsider in society. This self-imposed confinement stops us from learning and growing. It causes us to stop evolving as better human beings, and we slowly become part of the masses, all living and acting in a pre-defined way.

Growing up Is Necessary, Becoming Indifferent Is a Choice

Letting go of our indifference and rediscovering our inner child is the key to becoming better adults. We must replace judgment with curiosity to unlock that inner-child mindset. The following are some strategies that can help us break free from the confines of adulthood:

1. Be mindful of what you judge as odd and change your perspective. Ask yourself why you find something strange, odd or embarrassing. If your opinion is rooted in fear, consider whether it’s valid. Find out if you’re willing to change your perception.

2. Embrace what you perceive as odd. Try to see things from the other person’s perspective, let go of judgment, and embrace the good aspects of their different behavior. This will soften your adult indifference and open your mind up to new possibilities.

By embracing the strange, we can break free from our limited beliefs and rediscover our child-like openness. It’s time to let go of our limiting indifference and reclaim the magic and imagination that we once had. Perhaps, embracing the strange is the new maturity.

In conclusion, growing up doesn’t mean that we have to lose our sense of wonder and creativity. Instead, we must approach life with curiosity, embrace the odd, and let go of our judgments. By doing so, we can break free from the confines of adulthood and rediscover the inner child within us.

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