10 Top Career Opportunities for Graduates with an English Degree

English Majors: Career Paths Beyond Teaching and Writing

In the western world, the popularity of social sciences among students has only risen in the past decade. With numerous job opportunities available for individuals with degrees in social sciences, it’s no surprise that students are flocking to these programs. However, with economic uncertainty looming, concerns about career prospects after graduation are on the rise. English majors, in particular, are worried about limited job opportunities, which may force them to become teachers or writers. Fortunately, a recent Career Say article provides alternative career options for English majors that will help ease their minds.


One of the most captivating careers for an English major is journalism. An English degree provides an individual with advanced writing skills, which are vital assets for a journalist. Moreover, English majors often possess excellent storytelling abilities, which are crucial in creating well-written and engaging pieces for print and digital media. English majors can become investigative journalists, feature writers, or columnists at newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations.


Editing is another popular career option for English majors. Editors have the crucial role of reviewing and polishing written pieces before publication. Their primary function is to ensure that the copy is accurate, concise, and grammatically correct. English majors are well-suited for this role because they have the ability to provide constructive feedback and enhance the quality of written work. They can work as copy editors, content editors, or developmental editors at publishers, advertising agencies, or any other organizations that require copy editing expertise.


English majors with an interest in cinematography might consider filmmaking as a career path after graduation. Film storytelling requires a unique kind of creativity that is inherent in English majors. Their ability to craft complex and compelling narratives makes them suitable for storytelling through film. English majors can pursue careers as scriptwriters, producers, or directors in the film industry, or work in corporate video production, television, or web series production.

Foreign Translation

Foreign language and literature is a significant component of social sciences. English majors with foreign language skills can seek translation jobs, which are currently in high demand in various sectors such as international organizations, legal firms, and NGOs. Working as a translator in the language industry can be a fulfilling and lucrative career path. It requires a thorough understanding of two or more languages, excellent writing skills, and knowledge of cultural nuances.

News Reporting

English majors can consider news reporting as a job opportunity after graduation. News reporters work for various media outlets, including newspapers, television, and radio stations. Their primary function is to gather news through investigations, interviews, and advanced research, and report the news to the public. English majors make for great news reporters because they have excellent communication skills, a keen eye for research, and a passion for storytelling.

In conclusion, career prospects for English majors go beyond becoming a teacher or a writer. There are numerous job opportunities that require their unique skills and expertise. Pursuing a career in journalism, editing, filmmaking, foreign translation, or news reporting can be a fulfilling and successful career path for English majors. All it takes is perseverance, patience, and a willingness to venture out into different fields to discover opportunities that are worth exploring.

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