10 Tips Every New Motorcyclist Needs to Know

Motorcycling is a hobby that many people can enjoy. A group of people have never bought a bike in their lives but have a passion for riding. This blog post is meant for those who are new to the lifestyle. The tips in this blog will be about bike tips specifically for new riders. These tips will help you become a better rider.

1. Ride Like a Ghost

The negligence of other motorists is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents, even more so than reckless driving or inexperienced riders. Motorcycles, being smaller, are more difficult to notice and more likely to be hidden in blind areas.

If you’re riding a motorcycle, you should never assume that other drivers have noticed you because the consequences of a collision are far more severe for you. Start riding stealthily, and you’ll be better able to spot any dangers and respond promptly to them.

2. Always Gear Up

It’s better to be safe than sorry, even if it’s a little leak. It shields you from the elements and protects you from physical impacts and road rash.

Purchasing protective gear for your motorcycle is an investment in your health; after all, how much is your brain worth?

3. You Have The Power – So Use it!

Motorcycles typically have better acceleration times than vehicles due to their high power-to-weight ratios.

Take advantage of this by quickly picking up speed before merging onto highways. A swift and effective overtake you to leave the danger zone more quickly.

Turn the gas pedal to the floor and go for it!

4. Look Where You Want to Go

The slightest glance in one direction will force the motorcycle to veer subtly in that direction.

Keep your sights on the exit or as far around the bend as you can while cornering. Don’t freeze up in the face of danger by gazing straight at the wall or ledge!

5. Squeeze Don’t Yank

While the back brake is effective for slowing down at low speeds, the front brake is where most of your stopping strength is located. Give the front brake 75% of your attention when slowing or stopping.

However, you’ll lose traction and control if you suddenly stab or yank on the either brake. Simply by gradually pushing the brake pedal, you may come to a safe halt in a short amount of time.

6. Keep Your Brake Covered

Sometimes while riding, you’ll need to quadruple your usual reaction time. Places like congested downtown areas and winding country lanes are good examples.

The best thing to do is to make covering the brake with a finger or two a habit during these moments. This potentially lifesaving stance will allow for faster reactions.

7. Watch for Warning Signs

Safe riding is all about being prepared for the unexpected. Disregard logic and reason; instead, keep an eye out for red flags and proceed with extreme care.

So, if you see a car’s wheels turning and peeking across your path or even an indicator, you should always presume that the driver hasn’t seen you.

8. Be Cautious While Filtering

Motorcycle riders have the distinct advantage of weaving in and out congested traffic. As long as you follow the rules of the road, including posted signs and markings, you’re within the law.

Don’t let your newly-found self-assurance blind you, though; continue with prudence. Keep the car in low gear and your foot on the brake. Always be on the lookout for impending side impacts, especially at intersections.

9. Never Forget Your Lifesavers

Mirrors are suitable for a quick look, but you shouldn’t only use them. Check your blind spot with an over-the-shoulder lifesaver before you move.

Follow these steps whenever you want to change your position on the road or make a maneuver:

1. Look in the mirror
2. Check your blind spot quickly.
3. Do something

10. Always Have an Escape Route

Motorcycles have a clear advantage over cars and trucks when it comes to avoiding accidents. They are smaller, lighter, and easier to move and can fit through smaller spaces.

Always leave a little room so you can get out quickly. Instead of slamming on the brakes when you’re headed straight for an obstacle, it may be better to make a quick turn.