10 Things Highly Productive People Never Do

If you wanted to learn to play the violin, wouldn’t you want to learn from a master musician? The same is valid for productivity. If you want to get more done, wouldn’t you want to learn from people who already get loads done? This blog’s idea is to learn from the productivity habits of exceptionally productive people.

Very productive people are masters of time management; they can meet deadlines without prompting. If you want to get more done in less time, avoid these ten habits of highly productive people.

They don’t procrastinate

Do you put things off till the last minute? Successful people don’t put things off till the last minute. Instead, they review their tasks daily, during which they look for any impending deadlines and work swiftly to get them off their plates. They realize that putting things off till the last minute will only lead to anxiety, sleepless nights, and a skewed schedule the following day.

They don’t email warriors

Successful people only spend some days replying to emails. They don’t spend all day, every day, responding to emails one after another. They don’t view email as an end in and of itself but rather as a means to more substantive communication and work.

You only need to spend too much time in an email if you work in customer service or as a secretary. Since email is just a means to a goal (number of sales closed for a salesperson, amount of savings obtained for a person in procurement, engagement data for a social media manager), it isn’t a good proxy for how well you do in your profession. Consider how you will be evaluated at work, and focus your efforts on those outcomes.

They don’t complain

Complaining may provide a momentary release of tension, but it is useless in the long run. They prefer to find ways to fix their issues rather than whine about them.

The next time that grumbling is calling your name put those 15 to 30 minutes to good use by solving your issues. Even the smallest of actions will have a significant impact.

They don’t check Facebook 20 times a day

Highly effective people don’t let social media sites like Facebook and Twitter dictate their schedules. Some don’t even bother to sign up for a social media account since they are not interested in using it.

You don’t need to check Facebook or Twitter daily unless you utilize them for your job or business. You don’t need to check Facebook or Twitter every hour to find out what your friend had for breakfast or to post your hundredth selfie of the month; once a day is more than enough to stay abreast of what your friends and family are up to. Do something useful with your time instead.

They don’t do things without a deadline

Highly efficient people understand that working without a deadline invites procrastination and extends the duration of the work required to complete the task. They’ll either take twice as long as necessary or only finish the project if there isn’t a firm deadline to work toward. Consequently, they establish tight deadlines for their projects and endeavors, including intermediate targets.

They don’t do things based on urgency only

Successful people don’t act based on haste (or, at least, not based on urgency alone) but instead based on the significance of the task at hand. That’s because they realize that the things that seem urgent are just distractions from the things that matter and that the things that don’t seem urgent but are crucial in the long run are the ones that will have the most influence.

Most of us have a problem prioritizing our tasks because we tend to do the first thing that comes to mind or the item at the top of the list. As a result, we often prioritize tasks that are less important but more urgent.

They don’t waste any time

People who are consistently productive are careful to avoid wasting their time. They’ll make the most of it, even if it’s only five minutes. They use their spare time in their schedules because they realize that even a tiny amount of time spent working toward a goal each day can have a significant cumulative effect.

They don’t try to do everything themselves

Successful people only spend time trying to do everything alone since they know it’s futile. Colleagues, superiors, outside organizations, and independent contractors all play a role in aiding them in their work. In the end, you can’t do it alone.

They don’t work endlessly without rest

Prolific people realize that working nonstop without breaks leads to burnout, therefore, they avoid it at all costs. Instead, they set reasonable daily goals and schedule relaxation periods accordingly. The way is known to them,

Increase your productivity by a factor of two by avoiding the habits of less productive people. You can double your output if you keep from making the errors mentioned earlier.

They don’t just work hard, they work smart too

People who consistently achieve their goals have learned that it is equally as crucial to work intelligently as it is to work hard. As a result, individuals seek methods that need less of them and produce the same results. They use various ways, including automation, reliance on systems, delegation, outsourcing, and staff hiring, to offload work so that they may focus on more crucial matters.