10 Surprisingly Simple Secrets to Achieving Perfect Time Management Scores

Scoring 100% in Time Management: The Truth About Learning a New System


Learning a new time management system can be challenging, and most people who attempt it fail. However, this does not necessarily mean that time management gurus are to blame or that we are lazy good-for-nothings with short attention spans. Instead, the problem lies in our perception of what time management is.

The System We Never Knew We Had

The problem with learning a new approach to time management is that we already have a system in place – one that we have been using for years – even if we are not aware of it. This system is made up of habits, practices, and rituals that have been ingrained in our neuro-muscular systems over time. Changing these habits can be as challenging as quitting smoking or learning new mathematical techniques.

The Challenge of Changing Habits

Time management gurus often fail to highlight the challenge of changing habits when promoting their systems. In reality, changing the habits that make up our current time management system can be just as difficult as quitting smoking or changing any ingrained behavior. This is something that most people are not aware of and can make learning a new time management system frustrating and discouraging.

Forget About Learning a New System, Learn “Habit Changing 101”

So instead of attempting to learn a new time management system, one should take a program in “Habit Changing 101.” This would involve discovering the unique set of actions needed to change ingrained habits and finding a unique blend of goal-setting, community support, backup plans, rewards, punishments, reminders, coaching, etc. necessary for success.

Once you have figured out your unique cocktail of habit-changing techniques, implementing a new time management system, one habit at a time, will be far more effective. This approach ensures that you won’t hastily return to old habits in times of crisis or change.


In conclusion, learning a new time management system is not necessarily difficult because of laziness or a short attention span. Instead, it is challenging because of the ingrained time management system that we unwittingly have in place. Change is difficult, especially when reversing decades of practice. Learning a new system without first addressing these challenges will only lead to frustration, discouragement, and ultimately failure. To score 100% in time management, start with yourself and learn the art of habit-changing.

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