10 Surprising Ways Older Siblings Can Boost Your Career Success

Why Working with Your Older Sibling is Awesome

Growing up with siblings can be challenging, with fights and arguments being a common occurrence. However, as you grow older, you begin to realize that your siblings are the ones who will always be there for you through thick and thin. In particular, having an older sibling as a colleague can be extremely advantageous. Here are ten reasons why working with your older sibling is awesome:

1. They’ll be Your Guide
When embarking on a new job, it can be daunting and overwhelming. Having someone you know and trust in the form of an older sibling can be a game-changer. Since they have gone through the same experience, they can guide you through any confusion you may face. Furthermore, having a family member as a colleague fosters a sense of security, helping you remain focused on the job at hand.

2. They’ll Work with You Until You Get it Right
Most colleagues wouldn’t drop everything to come to the aid of a new employee. However, your older sibling will be more than happy to work with you until you get the hang of things. You’re more likely to seek help from your sibling without feeling bad since you’ve probably sought their help countless times before.

3. They’ll Catch You When You Fall
Making a mistake at work can be embarrassing, especially when working with people you barely know. However, with an older sibling as a colleague, they’ve seen you at your worst and helped you get back on your feet. They’ll give you the perspective and encouragement you need to try again until you succeed.

4. They’ll Take Extra Time Outside of Work to Help You
Co-workers aren’t typically in the habit of spending their free time helping a new employee. However, an older sibling will be willing to help. If they’re driving you home or see you struggling, they’ll stay back and lend a hand to ensure you don’t end up working extra hours.

5. They’ll Push You to Do Better
While striving to succeed is innate, having an older brother or sister makes you want to go the extra mile. You’ll want to prove to your sibling that you’re capable of doing anything independently. Putting your all will go a long way towards establishing your own identity and earning your sibling’s recognition.

6. They’ll Connect with You
Your older sibling knows you better than anyone else, which means they can relate to the job with other aspects of your life. They’re aware of the struggles and successes you’ve had and can help you see how far you’ve come.

7. They’ll Be There in Case of Emergency
In case of a true emergency, an older sibling is the perfect person to have around. They know how to contact your parents immediately and will stand by you to offer the comfort and support you need.

8. They’ll Make it Fun
Working with your sibling can make your job just as amusing as a day spent with friends. You’ll still need to put in the work, but doing chores or tasks is always more bearable when done together.

9. They’ll Grow Closer to You
Working together helps your older sibling see you in a different light. They acknowledge the work you put in and can identify with you as a friend, even though you’re related.

10. They’ll Remember the Time You Had Together
Working with your sibling can create some of the best memories, and even though there may be high and low points, you’ll both look back fondly on the time spent growing together as colleagues and friends.

In conclusion, there are numerous benefits to working with an older sibling. They can be your guide, help you when you fall, and push you to do better. Working with your sibling creates opportunities for growth, both in your relationship and in your career. While challenges will always arise, working together adds to the scrapbook of memories and helps build a stronger bond.

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